Agricultural industries

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
This course is intended to provide the students with the current knowledge of milk constituents and
their properties. On this basis, a conscious understanding of the chemical and physical changes
occurring in dairy products before, during, and after processing will be achieved.
Expected learning outcomes
Scientific knowledge of principles and practices fundamental to modern dairy technology will
enable students critically to evaluate quality and suitability of both raw materials and finished dairy
products. Technical activity in operating dairy plants will be easily undertaken.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
The course contents and reference material remain unchanged.
Teaching methods
Course syllabus
Considering the relevance in Northern Italy, the course primarily addresses the dairy sector. Contextualization of the dairy sector at national, European and global levels on the basis of figures and documents. Milk composition, physico-chemical characteristics, milk stability and process suitability, criteria and parameters for milk evaluation. Characteristics of milk components (protein, lipids, lactose, minerals). Processes for producing different types of consumption milk, cheese, butter, fermented milk. Overview of legislation, quality control and genuineness of dairy products.
Prerequisites for admission
Teaching methods
Lectures will mostly be held in remote on MS-Teams. The lecture recordings will be available to students (links in Ariel). Additionally, there will be some classroom meetings in attendance for introduction and discussions of course topics. The attendance must be booked through the app LezioniUnimi.
Teaching Resources
The teaching material is available on the web site of the course
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exam remains unchanged except for being held in remote ( and MS-Teams plataforms). Specific instructions are available at Ariel web page of the course
AGR/15 - FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - University credits: 6
Field activity: 16 hours
Lessons: 40 hours
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