Careers in biotechnology

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
This class aims to provide information about the broad variety of job and training opportunities available to the graduate in industrial and
environmental biotechnology and to teach basic skills for searching a position. Special attention will be given to discussion and
interaction with the speakers, all professionals in the biotech field. On the shorter time-span, the class will help the students to make decisions about their choices after earning the degree in biotechnology.
Expected learning outcomes
The student will acquire (i) a knowledge of the variety of opportunities offered by the biotech world in Italy and abroad ; (ii) the basic fundamental tools to initiate a job search; (iii) the ability to interact with professionals in the various biotech fields, at different career stages, and with fellow students, thereby having the opportunity to identify personal goals and the tools to reach them.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
Teaching methods and delivery methods

The series of lectures will take place thanks to live connections with the speakers through the MS Teams platform (or equivalent)

Learning verification procedures and assessment criteria
CFU's associated with the class will be awarded upon verification of the actual presence at the lectures.
Course syllabus
The class consists of a series of presentations deivered by professionals in the various branches of biotechnology. Through their personal experience they will show the opportunities of career development in biotechnology. The presentations will be complemented by sessions in which the students will become acquainted with "job hunting" strategies ( e.g.: interpret published job offers; how to write a CV; how to face a job interview).
Prerequisites for admission
The student is expected to be familiar with the topics covered during formal lectures of the Biotechnology degree in order to be able to appreciate the presentations that will demonstrate the practical application of such theoretical knowledge and the one that will be acquired during more advanced studies.
Teaching methods
The class consists of presentations delivered by professionals in the biotech field, with common discussions and interactivity expected.
Teaching Resources
The presentations will be made available through the ARIEL web site of the course. (
Assessment methods and Criteria
In the light of the type of class there will be no final exam. However, the 3 CFU associated with this class will be recorded in the student's career only upon attendance pf all classes.
- University credits: 3
Lessons: 24 hours
Educational website(s)
by personal appointment
via Luigi Mangiagalli 25, DeFENS building, third floor
Monday, 1 pm -2 pm
Protein Biochemistry Unit, DSBB, Via Celoria 26, 5C