Milking machine use and maintenance

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The course aims to provide the skills related to conventional and automatic milking systems and their management to improve the milking process, reduce health risks and get high quality milk.
Expected learning outcomes
Students will learn the main milking systems and their operating principle to correctly manage the milking process.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
In case of emergency, classes will be live-streamed on Microsoft Teams, following the lessons timetable.
The course program and teaching materials will be unchanged.
Assessments methods and criteria will be unchanged: the exam will be taken either in class or through Microsoft Teams, depending on the rules in force at that time.
Course syllabus
Design and operation of milking machine components.
Maintenance and testing of milking systems.
New devices to better understand and manage milking machine problems.
Effects and consequences of poor maintenance on milking machines.
Milk hygiene and machine milking.
Milking routines.
Computerized milking management.
Automatic milking systems.

Practice exercises:
Milking machine sizing. Technical visits to innovative milking systems.
Prerequisites for admission
Having taken a prior course of "Livestock systems, buildings and plants" facilitates the study and learning path of the student.
Teaching methods
Lectures and practice exercises. Technical visits to innovative milking systems.
Teaching Resources
Teaching materials:
In digital format, available at

Additional books:
Uso e manutenzione della mungitrice : effetti sulla sanità della mammella e sulla qualità del latte / [a cura di] F.M. Tangorra. - Milano : Point Vétérinaire Italie, 2011 Oct. - ISBN 978-88-959959-1-5.

La Mungitura : Tecnologie, scelta e gestione degli impianti / M. Lazzari, V. Bronzo, A. Guidobono Cavalchini, M. Zaninelli, F.M. Tangorra, P. Moroni, M. Capasso, E. Beretta ; [a cura di] A. Guidobono Cavalchini. - Bologna : Edagricole - Il Sole 24 ORE Editoria Specializzata S.r.l., 2007 - ISBN 978-88-506-4913-6.

Bovine da latte. Sistemi di Mungitura. Manuale pratico per la scelta, la progettazione, la gestione e la manutenzione / F. Sangiorgi, L. Zanini, A. Zecconi. Edizioni L'Informatore Agrario, 2014 - ISBN 978-88-7220-330-9.
Assessment methods and Criteria
Test method: oral test
Test type and evaluation parameters: oral questions aimed to assess the understanding of the teaching content and the ability to organize the knowledge discursively.
The exam marks will be expressed out of 30 and the final grade will take into account the accuracy and quality of the answers, as well as the communicative skills and the ability to adequately motivate statements and judgments during the interview.
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 16 hours
phone or e-mail appointment
Dept. VESPA building, second floor