A.Y. 2020/2021
Learning objectives
The training corresponds to a period of at least six months full time to be carried out at a university laboratories or other external institutions. The aim is to place the student in a working context to complete his/her professional expertise so that the student, entering the world of research or industrial work, can face the contact with these realities in a more conscious way.
Expected learning outcomes
The internship is the final period of the student's training allowing the acquisition of integrative knowledge related to the scientific research sector, if it is carried out at university laboratories, or to different aspects of the productive world and market, if it is carried out at external structures.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Course syllabus
The student must compulsorily carry out a practical internship period of at least 6 months in companies, public structures, and public or private research laboratories, after which 6 credits will be recognized. The course, through the COSP, stipulates special agreements with the external structures hosting the students. In general, the topics object of training could be:
- quality control in the chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food indutries;
- analytical activities for the identification/quantification of active molecules used in agriculture or environmental contaminants;
- consultancy for safety in the workplace;
- direct or consultancy activities for the protection of the environment or the recovery of abandoned areas;
- experimental activity particularly useful in the case the student will continue the career in master's degrees.
Prerequisites for admission
The training period can start when the student, to complete his/her course of study, must take two examinations; in the event that the start occurs with 3 or 4 missing exams, the internship will be extended to 8 and 10 months, respectively.
- University credits: 6
Practicals - Exercises: 0 hours