Vascular plants

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
BIO/01 BIO/02
Learning objectives
The goal of the course is to provide the basic knowledge for the identification of vascular plants, with particular reference to Italian flora, including the main macroscopic morphological features and identification tools, and to provide information about ecological requirements and distribution of the main families and species.
Expected learning outcomes
Identification skills about vascular plants; use of identification keys and other identification features; sampling and preparation of herbarium specimens; use of floristic data.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Course currently not available
Lesson period
Second semester
Course syllabus
Short review of vascular plant taxonomy. The Italian flora: richness and diversity. Problems in the identification of vascular plants, the use of identification keys. Angiosperms: traits useful for identification: flower, infiorescence and fruit; vegetative traits. The identification of trees. Gymnosperms and Pteridophytes: identification. Microscopic traits useful for difficult taxa. The main families of the Italian Flora: characteristics, ecology and systematics. Techniques and tools for plant sampling; the creation of herbaria and reference collections. The conservation of plants: Utility of floristic skills for professional and research purposes.
Prerequisites for admission
Suggested prerequisites are systematic botany
Teaching methods
The course is based on frontal lessons supported by screen-projected material concerning the importance of plant vascular and the tools useful for their determination; parts of the lessons will be performed in laboratory or outdoor in order to make practise and develop skills about vascular plants identification.
Teaching Resources
Dalla Fior G., La nostra flora. Ed. Monauni Trento.
Pignatti S., Flora d'Italia, Edagricole, Bologna.
The course is based on interactive frontal lessons supported by screen-projected material; lessons will be uploaded into the Ariel website area.
Assessment methods and Criteria
The examination is an oral test focused on the course topics and on the herbarium that the students are obliged to set up.
BIO/01 - GENERAL BOTANY - University credits: 0
BIO/02 - SYSTEMATIC BOTANY - University credits: 0
Lessons: 48 hours