Pediatric dentistry

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
MED/28 MED/38
Learning objectives
Pediatric Dentistry includes the various oral disciplines applied and adapted to individuals who are growing and developing, i.e. children and adolescents. In contrast to the majority of other oral subjects, the pediatric dentistry area is interdisciplinary and incorporates the professional issues that occur during childhood. Teaching in pediatric dentistry gives students the clinical and theoretical qualifications required to maintain the dental health of children and adolescents. By the end of the course, the student should be able to: differentiate between normal and abnormal development of teeth; guide the habits of the parents, the child and adolescent to promote oral health; diagnose the child and adolescent's oral health problems and plan appropriate therapy; implement a scientifically-based, effective program of primary prevention for children and adolescents; supervise the developing occlusion in such a manner that selected malocclusion can be prevented and/or intercepted.
Expected learning outcomes
Upon completion of this course, the students should be able to recognize and discuss:
- Normal tooth development, tooth eruption and shedding in primary and secondary dentition and deviation from the norm (numerical and morphological);
- Developmental defects of tooth tissues,
- Communicating with paediatric patients at different stages of development, getting the patient to cooperate and to feel safe in normal treatment situations;
- Epidemiology of caries and aetiological factors in caries in children;
- The etiology and treatment of early childhood caries
- Efficacy of fluoride in caries prevention;
- Fissure sealants in caries prevention;
- Principles for non-operative and operative caries treatment
- Indications for various forms of pulp therapy in primary and young permanent teeth in relation to caries and traumas;
- Epidemiology and aetiology of dental traumas;
- Treatment options in the case of traumatized teeth;
- Consequences and elimination of oral habits;
- Consequences of early tooth loss and space maintenance.
- Oral health medical conditions and oral manifestations associated with pathological and general illness in children.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Paediatric dentistry
MED/28 - ORAL DISEASES AND DENTISTRY - University credits: 5
Lessons: 40 hours
Practicals - Exercises: 25 hours
Polo Centrale
Professor: Biagi Roberto
Polo S. Paolo
Professor: Cagetti Maria Grazia
MED/38 - PAEDIATRICS - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours