Additional learning requirements (OFA) for Humanities students

Admission to Bachelor's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes is subject to an assessment of the student's educational background. Should the assessment reveal any gaps, the student will be assigned additional learning requirements (OFA), to be met through additional activities such as courses and seminars as set out in the call for applications or on the website for each study programme.

Please find below an overview of remedial activities for the faculty of Humanities.

Students who achieved an overall score lower than 25/50 in the first three sections of the TOLC-SU self-assessment test, and scored less than 15/30 in the "Written comprehension and Italian language proficiency" section, will be assigned additional learning requirements (OFA).

The OFA will have to be fulfilled within the first year of the programme through remedial activities specifically planned by the University.

The faculty will provide an online remedial course on Written comprehension and Italian language proficiency for all its Bachelor's degree programmes. The course will also include some elements of logic. Assessment tests will be scheduled at the end of the remedial course. Students will have to pass a final test within the first year. Should they fail remedial assessments, their academic career will be halted at the end of year I, and they will not be able to take any exams after 28 February 2022.

For the degree programme in Humanities, OFA will further be assigned to students who scored less than 5/10 in section 2 (Educational background). OFA procedures will be available on the degree programme website.

Information on the online remedial course on Written comprehension and Italian language proficiency, including logic, will be posted on this page and on the websites of Bachelor's degree programmes.