Additional learning requirements (OFA) for Humanities students

Admission to Bachelor's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes is subject to an assessment of the student's educational background. Should the assessment reveal any gaps, the student will be assigned additional learning requirements (OFAs), to be met through additional activities such as courses and seminars as set out in the call for applications or on the website for each study programme.

For Bachelor's degree programmes in Studies in Cultural Heritage, Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literature, Liberal Studies in Communication, Environmental Humanities, an online remedial course will be organized for reading comprehension and Italian language proficiency, including elements of logic for some study programmes. Assessment tests will be scheduled at the end of the remedial course. Students will have to pass a final test within the first year. Should they fail remedial assessments, their academic career will be halted at the end of year I, and they will not be able to take any exams after February 2023.

A career halt means that any exams taken will be frozen and the student may not take new ones until additional learning requirements are met. After a career halt, the student will still be able to sit the OFA test and, once they have passed the test, they may pursue their studies.

For students transferring to the study programme who are admitted to the first year, any OFAs will be assigned based on an equivalent  test (e.g. if you have already taken a TOLC test and are moving to a study programme requiring a TOLC test, the score achieved will be valid). If the admission test is different, the student must take the test required by the study programme to which they are transferring for the purposes of OFAs.
Students with SLDs/disabilities wishing to apply for accommodations please contact   SLD services or Disability services and submit the required documentation. Once the office has granted the application, the student will notify the OFA tutor, who will provide the required accommodations.


For students of the Bachelor's degree programme in Humanities there will be a dedicated OFA remedial course. Learn more on the programme website.