Additional learning requirements (OFA) for Law students

Admission to Bachelor's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes is subject to an assessment of the student's educational background. For more information on the TOLC-SU, please visit the TOLC CISIA test section on the University website. Information on the syllabus and TOLC-SU structure, including practice exercises, are available on the CISIA site.

Students may enrol regardless of their test scores. Should the assessment reveal any gaps, the student will be assigned Additional Learning Requirements (OFA), to be met through additional activities such as courses and seminars as set out in the call for applications or on the website for each study programme.

Students enrolled in programmes with the Faculties of Law and Sciences of Legal Services scoring less than 20/50 on the first three sections on the TOLC-SU Self-Assessment Test, or less than 12/30 in the “Written comprehension and Italian language proficiency” portion of the test will be assigned OFA aimed at filling those gaps.

Any assigned OFA must be satisfied within the first year of the programme through the remedial work contemplated by the University.

An online option for the Written comprehension and Italian language proficiency (which includes elements of logic) components will be offered for the Single-cycle degree in Law and Sciences of Legal Services programmes. Assessments will be administered at the end of the remedial coursework. Students must pass a final exam by the end of the first year (February 2023). Any failure to pass the OFA remedial assessments will subject the student's academic career to (temporary) suspension at the end of the first year. Information on modalities and procedures to complete the online OFA Written comprehension and Italian language proficiency and Logic remedial work will be provided on the degree programme's website.

Students intending to make use of special measures must contact either Services for Students with SLD or Disability Services, as their situation requires, and submit their documentation. The special measures are subject to the approval of such offices, which will then notify the OFA tutor, who will then implement them.