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​​Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Milan is dedicated to technological development and innovation for the benefit of human health and environmental safety. It works within a cultural and social area of ​​great importance for longevity, quality of life and successful aging, to the benefit of the entire population.

This is why it not only offers the traditional single cycle degree programme in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, but also bachelor's programmes in Biotechnology, Herbalist Sciences and Technologies and Chemical-Toxicological Sciences and Safety of the Environment, as well as two Master's programmes in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Safety Assessment of Xenobiotics and Biotechnological Products.

Its postgraduate offer is further enriched by the Postgraduate School in Hospital Pharmacy, as well as its specialised training pathways in research, Masters and advanced training.

Pharmaceutical Sciences has produced a number of graduates who occupy top positions in the contemporary pharmaceutical world, public and private. This is thanks to the solid structure of its teaching activity and to the transmission of knowledge linked to research in fields ranging from chemistry to pharmaceutical technology, from pharmacology to organic chemistry, from nutritional supplements to cosmetics, from medicinal botany and derived active ingredients to computational studies.


The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Milan, established in 1970, is today made up of two departments, both based in the Città Studi district:

Conscientious objection

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences not only complies with the educational objectives of the degree courses by ensuring the effective learning of scientific knowledge and practical skills required for successful examination. It also complies with public law no. 413, 12 October 1993, "Regulations on conscientious objection to animal experimentation", recognizing students’ indisputable right to conscientious objection in regard to animal experiments.

Alternating School and Work Programme

For several years now, Pharmaceutical Sciences offers projects for alternating study and work:

  • Brain and Sport
  • Do you know the drug?
  • The World of Research meets the School
  • Meeting with Lipids - Laboratory for the Biochemistry of Membranes and Applied Nutrition.

The Faculty also actively supports the activities of orientation coordinated by the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP). To date, it has organised thematic conferences which have attracted nearly 1000 high school students.

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