Discontinued courses exams - Political, Economic and Social Sciences

Students who are still enrolled and who included in their study plan courses that are now discontinued, as a result of changes in degree programmes and regulations, can sit exams for these courses.

Students can consult the tables below to find the course in their study plan. Once found (also taking note of the codes), they will find themselves in one of two situations:

  • the course has been discontinued permanently, and students will therefore have to contact the staff identified in the table for the course curriculum and related examination procedures; 
  • the discontinued course has been merged into an active course, and students will therefore have to contact the professor delivering the new course. In this case, students can also elect to attend the lessons during the quarter indicated.
Course Syllabus

(Faculty teaching regulations, art. 21, sect. 6): 
except for an explicit and specific exemption granted by the course professor, the curriculum and examination procedures for suspended modules are those of the courses into which they are merged. Students must prepare for the curriculum and texts indicated by the responsible professor for the last version of the course prior to the exam session. Except in special cases, it is therefore impossible to sit exams for the curriculum set when the course was attended, or, in any case, set in earlier years.

Merged exams

In the following table you can find all the courses (continued and discontinued) released by the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences.