Alternating school and work programme

The Alternating School and Work Programme is an educational method in which practical experience helps upper secondary school students consolidate knowledge acquired at school and test their personal abilities in the field; it enriches education and guides academic paths. In accordance with Law 107 of 2015, it is mandatory for all students in the last three years of upper secondary school, including high school (Liceo) students.

The alternation between school and work entails the following compulsory periods of work in the last three year of study: 

  • not less than 210 hours in the last three years for technical and professional institutes
  • not less than 150 hours in the second biennium and in the last year for technical and professional institutes
  • not less than 90 hours in the second biennium and in the last year for upper secondary schools - high schools (Licei)

The University of Milan takes part in school-work projects with the aim of academic guidance; these include activities in administrative offices and laboratories and are organized and managed by COSP, the University Study and Career Service.

The University's projects involve interested University offices and laboratories and are planned  with the goal of providing guidance. Students are selected from among the applications submitted by the various schools, taking into consideration their personal motivation and interests.

For information
Tel. 02 503 12145

Mrs Giusi Gambino tel. 02 503 12145
Dr. Barbara Rosina tel. 02 503 12101

How to activate it

The COSP pools together the University Offices and Laboratories that are interested in the programme and proposes the following educational projects.

Each school institute can present a maximum of 5 applications per project.
Applications must be submitted using the forms which can be downloaded from this page. Completed forms must be emailed to COSP at: . Indicate "Application for alternating school and work programme" in the subject line.

Once the school institute has received confirmation of the students selected, it must undersign an agreement with the University for setting up the educational project with respect to security regulations.

Current projects

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