During your stay abroad

Certificate of Stay - Arrival
  • Get the Certificate of Stay signed
    Once you arrive at your destination, go to the Erasmus Office your host University and have the Certificate of Stay signed in the Arrival part: this is the official start date of your stay and, together with the end date, will certify the actual amount of the Erasmus scholarship you are due.
  • Scan and send the Certificate of Stay to the International Mobility Office through the InformaStudenti Contact Center within 10 days of arrival.
During your stay abroad, you may
  • modify the Learning Agreement

  • extend or reduce the mobility period, as authorized by your supervising professor.

Changes to the Learning Agreement

The plan of study indicated in the Learning Agreement can be modified within two months of arriving at the Host University, and no later than one month from the start of selected courses or training activities, both in the first and the second semester. 

Changes must be submitted to the Erasmus coordinator (or Erasmus Help Desk) of the University of Milan and are to be accepted also by the Erasmus coordinator at the Host Institution.

Once the request is approved, the student can modify the Learning Agreement online by printing out the new version, which must be signed by the Erasmus coordinators at both universities.

The document, duly signed in all its parts, must be:

  • scanned

  • saved as a PDF file named after the student and containing the number of the change to the L.A. (e.g. ROSSI Mario LA2).

  • sent to the International Mobility Office through the InformaStudenti Contact Center

Should the Host university request the change on its own Learning Agreement, any changes must always be indicated on both documents.

Changes to the duration of your stay abroad

The Erasmus period abroad must last no less than 3 months and no longer than 12 months, and cannot be extended past 30 September of the academic year to which the call for applications  refers.

Extending or shortening the period of stay abroad may change the minimum number of credits required under the Learning Agreement and therefore modify the amount of the Erasmus grant.


Applications for extension of stay can be submitted no later than one month before the expected end of the mobility period. Authorizations must be formalized and signed by Erasmus managers from both universities by completing the extension form available in the "Documents" section on this page. The completed form must then be sent to Informastudenti > Erasmus Study > Extension/Reduction.

Extending the stay does not automatically increase the amount of the Erasmus grant, as this depends on the availability of University funds.


Requests to reduce the stay may be authorized at least one month prior to the end of the agreed period of mobility by the University of Milan Erasmus coordinator

Authorization granted by e-mail is sufficient, and the student must notify the International Mobility Office by contacting it through the InformaStudenti Contact center

A reduction in stay may decrease the amount of the Erasmus grant awarded, and partial reimbursement may be requested.