Returning to Italy

Submit Documents

Once you are back in Italy, submit the following documents to the International Mobility and Promotion Office:

Certificate of Stay (scan) - Have the host university complete both the Arrival and Departure sections, and submit the certificate through the online platform available at the links on this page, within ten days of the end of the Erasmus period. Log in using your University credentials.

In addition to the Certificate of Stay, you will have to upload your ID in pdf format.  The Erasmus scholarship will be determined based on the start and end dates. No amount may be disbursed for virtual mobility periods.

Furthermore, you will have to send to InformaStudenti - INTER Erasmus Studio - End of Mobility Procedures:

  1. Learning Agreement, both the initial version and any changes, signed in all parts.
  2. Transcript of Records, i.e. the list of educational activities and exams, with the corresponding academic credits and grades. If the transcript is not available at the time of departure, ask the host university to send it to your email address and to the International Mobility Office of the University of Milan.
  3. The document certifying the activities carried out abroad and the number of credits earned, if any: only for traineeships or thesis research, if these activities are not included in the final Transcript of Records.

Deliver the following to the Erasmus contact person, or the student office, or the Erasmus Desk for your degree programme:

Learning Agreement (copy), both the initial version and any changes, signed in all parts.

Transcript of Records (original).

Once back in Italy, you will receive 2 emails from the Erasmus National Agency, asking you to complete the online end-of-stay report and the final OLS (Online Linguistic Support) test required for statistical and evaluation purposes.

Start the recognition procedure

The activities indicated in the approved Learning Agreement are recognized if the Transcript of Records shows that they have been completed successfully.

Within six months of returning to Italy, students must deliver the following to the Academic affairs Office of the  Teaching coordination Board or to the Erasmus coordinator or the Erasmus Desk of their degree programme:

  • the completed request for recognition of exams and activities, which the Erasmus Desk or the Erasmus coordinator will send to the student when the student prepares to return to Italy;
  • Transcript of Records, which certifies the completion of training activities.

The conversion of marks awarded abroad is through comparison between the ECTS, (European Credit Transfer System) grading scale of the relevant degree programme and the grading scale of the degree programme undertaken abroad.

To find out more about the recognition of activities completed abroad ask the appropriate Academic Office or the Erasmus Desk of your degree programme.

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