Harmonization And mutual Recognition of Master programmes in OccupatioNal and Environmental hEalth (HARMONEE)

Action: Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education 2020

The public health problems of Central Asia are of pressing concern with complex toxicological and micro-biological threats: environmental pollution from obsolete pesticides, chemical waste from mining operations, nuclear waste, air- and toxic waste pollution in the large cities. A new generation of suitably trained public health professionals is needed to tackle these problems. The HARMONEE project, which is the continuation of 2 projects already carried out and coordinated by UNIMI in the area, aims at awareness raising and increasing research & consultation capacities. The use of innovative distance learning tools is anticipated.

Coordinator: University of Milan

Unimi Coordinator: Claudio Colosio


  • University of Milan (Italy) (Coordinator)
  • University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • International School of Medicine (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Osh State University (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Kazakh National Medical University (Kazakhstan)
  • Karaganda Medical University (Kazakhstan)
  • Semey Medical University (Kazakhstan)
  • Avicenna Tajik State Medical University (Tajikistan)
  • Khujand State University (Tajikistan)
  • Bukhara State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan)
  • Samarkand State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan)


To develop and implement MSc curricula in Environmental& Occupational Health across four Central Asian countries based on the conduction of a series of small scale surveillance projects carried out in the different areas of interest of the discipline in Central Asia, shared by the various universities involved.

Harmonizing the Master programmes in Public Health with One Health Approach and shared modules in line with Bologna principles and ENQA standards.

To create international networks of excellence in which the various stakeholders (universities and private individuals) can collaborate in defining the figures necessary for the realization of research projects in public health, Train the trainers of a new generation of teachers to train professionals with a background adequate to tackle the challenging environmental and public health problems of the area

To promote the use of new technologies in university teaching.

Target groups/Impact:

As this is a ‘Teach the Teachers’-project first the teachers and through them the MSc students from the HEI’s in the Central Asian countries are the primary target groups. Also the Deans and Rectors of the Partners HEI’s will be involved as they have to facilitate the project with availability of sufficient competent teachers and adaptation of the curricula.  This project will result in a series of small scale surveillance projects providing better insight in the environmental and occupational health issues which will arise better awareness and stimulus for improving the situation. This means that the local and national authorities as well as news media also form a target group and at the end the general population.

Type of agreement
Study field
Validity period
From 15-01-2021 To 14-01-2024