Multilevel, Mutiparty and Multisector Cross-Border Litigation in Europe

Action: Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Modules 2020

The J.M. Module will focus on 3 main areas: A) Relations and conflicts between national judges, European courts and international tribunals. B) Cross-border collective redress. C) Procedural issues arising from cross-border disputes in the fields of commercial, financial, competition, IP, labour, consumer and family law.

Unimi Coordinator: Albert Henke

Scholars involved:

  • Prof. Albert Henke, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
  • Prof. Alan Uzelac, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Prof. Diego P. Fernández Arroyo, Sciences Po, Paris (France)
  • Prof.Gilles Cuniberti, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • Prof. Fernando Gascón- Inchausti, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
  • Prof. Maria Teresa Carinci, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
  • Prof. Francesco Rossi dal Pozzo, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
  • Prof. Stefaan Voet, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
  • Prof. Francesca Marinelli, Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
  • Prof. Pietro Ortolani, Radboud University (The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Apostolos Anthimos, European University Cyprus (Cyprus)


The Module, divided into courses, conferences, round tables, seminars, workshops, Oxford-style debates and study visits and addressed to Italian and foreign pre- and post-graduate students, as well as to professionals (judges, lawyers, notaries), aims to identify, through a multidisciplinary approach, the main procedural issues related to transnational litigation in different legal sectors and deriving from the absence of harmonized regimes in the various EU Member States; to contribute to the academic debate at national and European level; to produce a series of scientific outputs; to lay the foundations for fruitful academic cooperation at international level, also in view of the joint participation, with other universities, institutes and research centers, in international research calls.

Target groups:

  • The Host Institution
  • Academics and students at the Host Institution
  • Italian and foreign academics
  • Italian and foreign Ph.D e LL.M. candidates
  • Judges, lawyers, notaries
  • Officers of entities and institutions active in the sectors relevant for the Jean Monnet Module
  • Italian and foreign Institutions and Centres of Research
  • Policy makers at national and European level


The Host Institution will expand its range of academic courses on EU related studies; it will offer a European perspective to a discipline traditionally taught from a purely domestic point of view; it will increase its international appeal.

Students (pre- and post-graduate) will acquire skills in a strategic sector for a future international legal career, thus improving their level of employability.

The involvement of Italian and foreign academics will favor the comparison and exchange of ideas, as well as the identification of areas of common interest for possible future scientific collaborations at national and international level.

The Module will offer judges, lawyers and notaries a systematization of legal issues relating to transnational litigation, increasingly frequent and relevant in the daily exercise of their profession.

Since the activities of the module will also be implemented in the framework of the Center of Research on European and Transnational Dispute Settlement (, the Module will be an opportunity for the development of scientific and institutional relations with Research Centers and Institutes, in Italy and abroad.

The scientific outputs of the Module could represent a valuable evaluation tool for policy makers, both at national and European level.

Type of agreement
Innovation and training projects
Study field
Validity period
From 24-10-2020 To 23-10-2023