ERC grants, research support actions and services

Investments and actions to support the winners of ERC and other calls, with a view to international attractiveness, are a key pillar to excellence research, as set out in the strategic development lines of the University of Milan.

In addition to the direct recruitment of professors to foster ERC grant portability, the University of Milan has launched funding programmes as part of the Research Support Plan (PSR).

Our dedicated services and actions include ongoing support with ERC projects (planning, management, portability from other institutions, new proposals, reporting to internal structures for technology transfer needs, Open Access and Open Data support), and preparing for the interview in Brussels.

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Investments and actions
Transition grant

Line 1 of the Research Support Plan (PSR)

This is an internal research funding programme, as part of the project "La Statale per ERC Starting, Consolidator and Synergy", for ERC candidates working at the University who passed the interview in Brussels in the ERC calls final phase, but did not receive any funding.

Annual allocation for institutional activities

Line 2 of the Research Support Plan (PSR) 

Line 2 of the PSR sets aside a bonus for those University Departments that in 2019 and 2020 had internal or external ERC or Rita Levi Montalcini project winners, or directly recruited winners for the benefit of the entire University.

Funds for the relocation of research activities

Line 4 of the Research Support Plan (PSR)

In order to solve the complexities related to the relocation of research activities, these research funds are geared to:

  • ERC winners who use portability to move their project to the University of Milan 
  • MUR's Rita Levi Montalcini winners who choose our University as host institution
  • Directly recruited, well-known international researchers who transfer their laboratories to the University, thus contributing to the development of the entire University.
Preparing for the interview in Brussels

An individual and tailor-made support path that includes:

  • Support for the preparation of the project to be presented in the interview session (structure analysis, editing, revision, communication and language techniques)
  • Mock interviews with internal panels
  • Follow-up on mock interviews with question and discussion reports.