Changing your programme if you are a new student

New students of the University of Milan who wish to discontinue the bachelor’s degree programme they have enrolled on and enrol on a different bachelor’s degree programme instead, can do so by following the online procedure Changing your programme if you are a new student.


  • You have been enrolled for no more than 180 days
  • You have paid the enrolment fee
  • You are in an eligible position in the ranking list for the new bachelor’s degree programme
  • The enrolment procedure to the new course is still open

How to change your degree programme:

  1. Access Changing your programme if you are a new student using the University of Milan credentials you received when you enrolled initially (you will also find them printed on your enrolment receipt);
  2. You will see your details. If you meet the requirements, click on the orange button “Cancel your enrolment”;
  3. Confirm the cancellation by clicking on the red button “Cancel
  4. Enrol on your new bachelor’s degree programme within the same day; this can be done as part of the above procedure by clicking on the blue button “Click here to enrol.”

The enrolment fee you have paid previously will be used for your new degree programme.