Cisia TOLC Test

Registration to TOLC 2021 is now open

Registration to TOLC 2021 is now open. Check the dedicated cards to find out which degree programmes require admission tests. Calls for applications to the programmes will be published as of 12 March.

You can sit the TOLC test at any of the accredited universities. The University of Milan has tests scheduled from March to September 2021, all online (TOLC@CASA) and in some dates in presence. Registration is now open for the TOLC that will be held in April, May and June. For the dates in August and in September registration will be open on 1 June 2021.

Please note that the degree programmes in Humanities, Foreign Languages and Literature, and Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication do not require a TOLC test, but a self-assessment test. For details, please refer to the upcoming calls for applications. 

The admission tests to Bachelor's degree programmes for the Health Professions and single-cycle Master's degree programmes in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Medicine follow specific procedures as set forth by the Ministry of University at the national level. The calls for applications are published every year, usually in July.

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What is the TOLC test?

The TOLC (CISIA OnLine Test) is a test that assesses the educational background of prospective university students.

Delivered by CISIA (Consortium of Interuniversity Integrated Access Systems), the TOLC can be taken in different venues throughout the national territory, and consists of specific tests that also the University of Milan requires for admission to most degree programmes, both with open and capped enrolment.

The call for applications of each degree programme indicates the type of TOLC test required together with the registration procedure, deadlines and any special ranking criteria.

TOLC and limited enrolment programmes

If you sit for a TOLC for one of our limited enrolment programmes, you have to register and apply online on website too

What are the test topics and duration?

50 questions (20 on basic mathematics, 10 on biology, 10 on physics, 10 on chemistry)
Duration: 110 minutes
Limited enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • Biological science

36 questions (13 logic, 10 on reading comprehension, 13 on mathematics) + 1 section on English
Duration: 90 minutes.

Limited enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • Political sciences
  • International Studies and European Institutions
  • Social Sciences for globalization
  • Economics and management
  • Communication and Society
  • Labour and Management
  • Public Sector and Healthcare Management

36 questions (13 logic, 10 reading comprehension, 13 mathematics)
Time allotted: 90 minutes.

Limited enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • International Politics, Law and Economics (IPLE)

50 questions (15 on biology, 15 on chemistry, 7 on mathematics, 7 on physics, 6 on logic)
Duration: 72 minutes.

Limited enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes:  

  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
  • Exercise and Sports Sciences

50 questions (20 on basic mathematics, 10 on reasoning and problem-solving, 10 on reading comprehension, 10 on basic science)
Duration: 110 minutes.

Limited enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • Computer Science area
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Biotechnology 
  • Chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Environmental Science and Policy
  • Chemical safety and Environmental Toxicology
  • Natural sciences

Open enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • Physics (TOLC-I is also accepted)
  • Mathematics (TOLC-I is also accepted)
  • Geological sciences (TOLC-B and TOLC-I are also accepted)
  • Science and Technology for Studying and Preserving Cultural Heritage and Information Storage Media (TOLC-B is also accepted)

50 questions (30 on reading comprehension and knowledge of the Italian language, 10 knowledge and skills acquired during studies, 10 logical reasoning)
Duration: 100 minutes.

Limited enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • Liberal Studies in Communication

Open enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • Philosophy
  • Science of Cultural Property
  • Liberal Studies in Environment, Landscape and Territory
  • History
  • Law
  • Sciences of Legal Services

50 questions (8 biology, 8 chemistry, 8 fisica, 8 mathematics, 8 logic, 10 reading comprehension + 1 english section)

Duration: 115 minutes.

Limited enrolment Bachelor's degree programmes: 

  • Agricultural Sciences and Technologies
  • Agricultural Technology for the Environment
  • Food science and technology
  • Food Service Science and Management
  • Improvement and Protection of Mountain Environments
  • Management of Cultivated Plants and Landscaping
  • Viticulture and Enology
  • Animal Husbandry and Welfare
  • Animal Production
  • Herbal Sciences and Technologies
How to take the TOLC

After reading the enrolment on a first degree programme instruction and the call for applications for your programme, check the TOLC calendar for the dates of your interest. You may register for the dates for which registration is open (labelled as "ISCRIZIONI APERTE").
If there are no available dates in the TOLC calendar yet, or if places are sold out or registration is closed, you can take the TOLC at another university. You can indeed sit the TOLC test at any university and use the TOLC score for all the degree programmes for which it is required.

Available dates University of Milan
Date Type Mode Registration deadline
24 March 2021 All TOLC@CASA 18 March 2021 2 pm
29 March 2021 All TOLC@CASA 23 March 2021 2 pm
30 March 2021 All


24 March 2021 2 pm
31 March 2021 All TOLC@CASA 25 March 2021 2 pm
14 April 2021 All TOLC@CASA 8 April 2021 2 pm
16 April 2021 All TOLC@CASA 9 April 2021 2 pm
21 April 2021 All TOLC@CASA 15 April 2021 2 pm
28 April 2021 All TOLC@CASA 22 April 2021 2 pm
12 May 2021 All TOLC@CASA 6 May 2021 2 pm
19 May 2021 All TOLC@CASA 13 May 2021 2 pm
21 May 2021 All TOLC@CASA 14 May 2021 2 pm
26 May 2021 All TOLC@CASA 20 May 2021 2 pm
7 June 2021 All TOLC@CASA 1 June 2021 2 pm
8 June 2021 All TOLC@CASA 3 June 2021 2 pm
9 June 2021 All TOLC@CASA 3 June 2021 2 pm
10 June 2021 All TOLC@CASA 4 June 2021 2 pm
11 June 2021 All TOLC@CASA 4 June 2021 2 pm

Check in the calendar how you will have to take the TOLC:

  • TOLC@CASA: you will take the test from home
  • TOLC all’università: will take the test on campus

Register in the CISIA test reserved area to book the TOLC:

  • Read how to register for TOLC@CASA (from home)
  • Read how to register for TOLC all’università (on campus)

You can take each type of TOLC test once per calendar month, whether from home or on campus. Each time you sit the test you will have to pay a € 30 fee.

To prepare for the TOLC test, visit the admission test page and the TOLC tutorials and simulations area. You will find more information on the test structure and the TOLC syllabus of your interest, and you can also download sample tests.