Enrolment on a first degree programme

Bachelor's and single cycle degree programmes
General admission requirements

To enrol in the first year of a Bachelor's or single cycle degree programme you must hold an upper secondary school diploma (high school diploma or equivalent qualification).

You cannot simultaneously enrol:

  • at more than one university
  • on more than one degree programme
  • on a degree programme or single courses at the same university.

While completing a University degree programme - giving prior notice to the student secretariat of the selected programme - ​​​you are allowed to enrol in:

  • music conservatories and institutes
  • the national dance academy.

If your secondary school diploma was awarded abroad, check the procedures for its validation and equivalence.

Annual calls for application and admissions tests

Each year, between February and July, the University of Milan publishes calls to apply for admission to bachelor's and single cycle degree programmes. These calls for application report the procedure for enrolment (matriculation) on the first year of studies, as well as:

  • admission requirements
  • dates, programmes, procedures and locations for evaluation tests and entrance examinations
  • number of places available for programmes with limited enrolment
  • instructions for candidates with disabilities or SLD
  • information on rankings
  • enrolment procedures

All students must sit an admissions test prior to enrolment, irrespective of whether the degree programme has open or limited enrolment.

Bachelor and single cycle degree
Open admissions programmes

To enrol on open admissions programmes you are only required to sit a non-selective test for assessing your preparation, in accordance with the procedures set out in the call for applications of individual programmes.

The test has no bearing on admission and students can enrol regardless of results.

However, depending on results, students may be assigned additional learning obligation (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi, OFA).

The entry test varies from programme to programme and may be paper-based or delivered online (TOLC) .

Limited enrolment programmes

To enrol on limited enrolment programmes (those with a limited number of places) candidates must pass an entrance examination. Exam scores determine the position of candidates in the final ranking of those eligible for enrolment.

Entrance examination procedures (paper-based or TOLC test) are specified in the calls for application for admission to limited enrolment programmes.

TOLC test

If your degree programme provides for a TOLC admission test the following sessions are still available in our university:

  • TOLC-B - 11 September 2019 - Registration deadline 5/09/2019 2:00pm
  • TOLC-E - 3 September 2019 - Registration deadline 28/08/2019 2:00pm
  • TOLC-F - 2 September 2019 - Registration deadline 27/08/2019 2:00pm
  • TOLC-S - 9, 10 e 11 September 2019 - Registration deadline 03-05/09/2019
  • TOLC-SU - 12 September 2019 / 4 October 2019 - Registration deadline 6/09/2019 2:00pm / 27/09/2019 2:00pm (attention: check the compatibility of these dates with the deadlines indicated in the call for applications)

You can view the test calendar with venues and available dates on Consorzio CISIA's website.

How to enrol
Special situations
Spring selections: enrolment reservation and confirmation

Admission to some degree programmes is subject to spring selections. Terms and deadlines are specified in the calls for admissions.

After the publication of the ranking list, winners of the spring selections can reserve their enrolment within the deadlines provided for by the call for admissions, following the standard enrolment procedure and paying € 156 for the first instalment of university fees.

They will later confirm their choice through the online enrolment confirmation procedure, according to the timeline set out by the call for admissions.

Changing your programme if you are a new student

New students of the University of Milan who wish to discontinue the bachelor’s degree programme they have enrolled on and enrol on a different bachelor’s degree programme instead, can do so by following the online procedure Changing your programme if you are a new student.