Enrolment on a first degree programme

Bachelor's and single cycle degree programmes
Annual calls for application and admissions tests

Each year, between March and July, the University of Milan publishes calls to apply for admission to bachelor's and single cycle degree programmes. These calls for application report the procedure for enrolment (matriculation) on the first year of studies, as well as:

  • admission requirements
  • dates, programmes, procedures and locations for evaluation tests and entrance examinations
  • number of places available for programmes with limited enrolment
  • instructions for candidates with disabilities or SLD
  • information on rankings
  • enrolment procedures
  • transfer information

To enrol in the first year of a Bachelor's or single cycle degree programme you must hold an upper secondary school diploma (high school diploma or equivalent qualification).

If your secondary school diploma was awarded abroad, check the procedures for International enrolment in degree programmes.

Bachelor and single cycle degree
Open and limited admission
Open admissions programmes

To enrol on open admissions programmes you are only required to sit a non-selective test for assessing your preparation, in accordance with the procedures set out in the call for applications of individual programmes.

The test is mandatory, but has no bearing on admission and students can enrol regardless of results.

The entry test consists in a TOLC test.

However, depending on results, students may be assigned additional learning obligation (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi, OFA).

Limited enrolment programmes local

Have a limited number of places: candidates must pass an entrance examination, the score determines the position of candidates in the final ranking list.

Only students placed in good position in the ranking list are eligible for the enrolment in the chosen degree programme.

The entrance examination procedures are specified in the calls for application, the entry test consists in a TOLC test,.

Depending on results, students may be assigned additional learning obligation (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi, OFA).

National limited enrolment programmes

Have a limited number of places established at national level:

  • Medicine and Surgery
  • International Medical School
  • Dental Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Healthcare professions

The entrance examination procedures are specified in the calls for application.

How to enrol on a Bachelor's or a single cycle degree programme

All calls for application are published in the Application section of each course's website: there, you can find all procedures and deadlines to apply and enrol.

Limited enrolment programmes often offer different application Sessions (spring/ summer/ September), each with specific requirements and timelines: to participate in each session, you need to respect its deadline, or you will be excluded form the admission process.

Open admissions programmes

For open admissions programmes you don't have to apply, it is necessary to take the mandatory non selective test.

If the test is constituted by the TOLC required for the Degree programme that you choose by registering on the CISIA website.

For the Degree programme in Humanities the instructions are described in the calls for applications.

Limited enrolments programme local

For limited enrolments programme local you have to:

  • take the required TOLC test by registering on the CISIA website;
  • register and apply on Unimi website. Take to hand your Italian tax identification number and a valid identity document and at the end of the admission procedure save or print-out the receipt.

For the Degree programmes in Herbal Sciences and Technologies, the instructions are described in the call for application.

National limited enrolment programmes

For Degree programmes of Medicine and Surgery, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the instructions are described in the call for application that will be published in March.

For Healthcare Professions the application shall be made entirely on the Unimi website.

Open admissions and local limited enrolments programmes

If the test is constituted by a TOLC, topics contained are reported in the call for applications, in the dedicated webpage and in the Cisia website, where you can also practice or check your preparation through simulations.

All TOLC tests by remote (TOLC@CASA) and in presence (TOLC all'Università) held by any University are considered valid, as long as taken within the deadline indicated in the call to admission.

For the Degree programme in Humanities time and place of the test are described in the call for application.

The day of the test, make sure you arrive on time for the test, and bring your application receipt as well as a valid identity document.

National limited enrolments programmes

For national limited enrolments programmes the instructions are described in the call for application

Open admissions programmes: no ranking list is published, after 48 hours since you sustained the non selective test you can directly enrol.

Limited enrolment programmes local: in the day reported in the call for application, the University publishes a ranking list:

  • f you passed the examination (green light) and are therefore a successful candidate, you may enrol by the indicated deadline;
  • If you are placed too low in the ranking for enrolment (yellow light), check the call to see if you can apply for a later session or wait reopening of rankings.

National limited enrolment programmes: in the day reported in the call for application:

  • In the call for application will be also indicated the procedure for displaying the obtained test results.

If you have passed the admission examination or sat the evaluation test, you may complete the online enrolment procedure without having to deliver anything to the student secretariat. For open admission programmes, it's necessary to wait 48 hours since the test.

Candidates with qualifications awarded abroad must check the specific procedures for international students at the page International enrolment in degree programmes.

Before you start, make sure you have the following to hand

  1. Italian tax identification number (codice fiscale). Note: international students must request and obtain it prior to enrolment.
  2. passport photo (the only kind of photo allowed), saved as a JPG, PNG, BMP file (max 2 MB).
  3. scanned copy of your identity document (front and back) saved as a JPG, PNG, BMP file (max 2 MB).
  4. your registration credentials (or University access credentials if you have previously studied at this University)
  5. details of your upper secondary school diploma: year, mark, academic institution
  6. Your credit card (if you wish to use this method of payment). If you prefer to make a Payment notice, you must print out or save the form generated by the system during the online procedure.

Enrolment receipt

At the end of the procedure save or print-out the receipt: this is proof that you have enrolled correctly. The receipt consists of several pages:

  1. the first is a summary the data you provided
  2. the second is very important and should be kept safely, as it contains your student number, your new student credentials (which will be active the day after your enrolment), your PIN (to be kept safely because you will need it if you lose your password) and the details of your new University email account, to which all official communications from the University will be sent

If you have forgotten your new student credentials, but wish to check that you have completed enrolment correctly and print out the receipt, you can still access the enrolment service using your registration credentials.

How to make payments

At the end of the enrolment procedure, you will have to pay the first instalment of 156 Euro. Through PagoPA you can choose if pay immediately (credit card, bank account or with other methods of payment) or the emission of a Payment notice that you will be able to pay within the deadline in bank, ATM, tobacconist and supermarket in Italy.

After the payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Changing your programme if you are a new student

New students of the University of Milan who wish to discontinue the bachelor’s degree programme they have enrolled on and enrol on a different bachelor’s degree programme instead, can do so by following the online procedure Changing your programme if you are a new student.