Course timetables

The academic year does not correspond to a calendar year: it begins in October and ends in September of the following year.

Educational activities are generally divided into two semesters:

  • the first from September/October to January
  • the second from March to June.

Some programmes are divided into trimesters, quarters or semesters and have special calendars: check your programme website for details.

Timetables website

Search the student timetable portal to find:

  • Classes timetable for degree programme, teacher or course Rooms
  • Lecture rooms and maps
  • Notices on Class timetable change
LezioniUnimi, your app for attending classes and libraries

lezioniUnimi is the official application of the University of Milan dedicated to class schedules, for both students and faculty.

Enriched with new functions, the app now allows students to reserve seats in classrooms and libraries. Please note that reservation is compulsory.

With lezioniUnimi you can:

  • check classroom availability in real time 
  • select multiple study programmes and view class schedules, by week or for an entire teaching cycle
  • have detailed class descriptions and instructor data
  • read the QR code to register for class (if available for your course).

By logging in with your University credentials, you can also:

  • select a single study programme, view on-campus class schedules, and book your seat
  • reserve a seat in the library 
  • view, change or cancel your reservations. 
App profile: second semester

To use the booking app in the new semester, delete your profile and create a new one by selecting "Second semester" in the "Period" field

Download app App available on:


logo app store


  • For administrative enquiries: contact the student office for your degree programme
  • For technical help: [email protected]