Sitting exams


Those who wish to sit exams or other tests must:

  • be up to date with payment of university fees and dues
  • have passed any preparation courses
  • have registered through the online exams registration service
  • have an attendance certificate, where required.

Exam sessions from 1 October to 28 February pertain to the previous academic year and the student does not have to re-enrol in the current academic year.

Students cannot repeat an exam they have already passed or a training activity from previous studies that has been recognized.

What do you have to bring with you

Before the exam, the Examination Board must verify the student's identity. On the day of the exam students must therefore present themselves with a valid identity document (ID card, passport) and with their Badge - Carta La Statale.

Contact center

For information and assistance, dial +39 02 5032 5032
This number is active for both national and international calls. You will be charged for calling a fixed line, depending on your phone plan.

Contact center hours:
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.

How to

Each course has its own exam calendar that specifies dates, hours, location of the established exam sessions, registration deadlines and possible teacher's notice.

To register for exams or verify correct registration, students can:

  • access the online exams registration service
  • access the "Exams and course evaluation" section through UNIMIA

When registering for an exam, students may be asked to fill in the Course Evaluation Questionnaire.

Esami sostenibili senza piano di studio
  • Corsi di laurea triennali e magistrali a ciclo unico: Si possono sostenere senza piano gli esami obbligatori (di tutti gli anni di corso se attivati) e gli esami alternativi del primo anno del proprio corso di studio e curriculum.
  • Corsi di laurea magistrale: Si possono sostenere senza piano gli esami del proprio corso di studio e curriculum.

To check exam results, even those of partial exams, students can:

  • access the online publication of results service
  • access the section "Reporting of exam results" through UNIMIA

Reports on exams and other tests are completed online, signed digitally by the chair of the Exam Committee.

Students do not sign, but an e-mail containing their exam report is sent to their University email account:

Reporting depends on the type of exam.

  • For oral exams, acceptance normally occurs automatically during the exam. It is however possible for the examiner to submit the report at a later time.
  • For written exams, reporting normally occurs after the exam and acceptance by the student must be confirmed within 10 days of receiving the e-mail notice. By accessing the online publication of results service (exam results)  the student can either accept or reject the mark (rejection is only possible in the case of a pass mark).
  • Ten days after receiving the e-mail notice, the mark is considered accepted by tacit consent and the student can no longer reject it.

Students are not required to formally accept partial results, because these are not entered into the student's academic record: results are reported only after the final exam.

Results are entered into the academic record:

  • within 2 days of the digital signing of the report for exams in which results cannot be rejected
  • within 2 days of acceptance by the student or - in the case of tacit consent - within 10 days of publication of results for exam results that may be accepted/rejected.

If you need assistance registering an exam, you should contact the secretaries using the Informastudenti service.


Waivers to take an exam online are only granted for health reasons. Requests are assessed by an ad-hoc commission. To submit your request, please use the Informastudenti platform.

News on study plan and exams

From the academic year 2021/22 the study plan is binding to take non-compulsory exams.

Please read the page Plan of study to have all the information about the deadlines for submitting the plan and the exams that you can take without a study plan.