Applying for graduation

The graduation application must be submitted online by the deadline set for your session. Do not hand it in to the Student Registrar.


The payment of the € 116.00 graduation fee (including the € 16.00 stamp duty) may be made through Pago PA:

  • when submitting the online application, or
  • after submitting the graduation application, through the payment service 

Upcoming graduate survey
Upcoming graduates are required to fill in the survey within the term set for each session.
You can access the survey only after submitting the graduation application.
Failure to fill in the survey by the deadline will result in exclusion from the graduation session.

Deadlines, procedures and graduation calendars
Deadlines, calendars and procedures are different depending on the degree programme.

Please refer to your programme website or the page:

Application validity

You apply for a specific session. If you decide to withdraw from that session, you must promptly notify the Student Registrar through the InformaStudenti Service. You will then be required to submit a new online application for another session. You will not have to make a new payment.

For no reason can extensions be granted.