The degree thesis

A student's course of studies ends with a final exam, which varies in accordance with the level of the programme, and generally consists in:

  • a paper or report for bachelor's programmes

  • the defence of their thesis for master's and single cycle degree programmes

Supervisors or tutors may check papers, reports and degree theses (both drafts and final versions) for plagiarism using the software, as described at the page Servizio di verifica originalità tesi di Laurea e Dottorato.

The Regulations of each degree programme specify the final exam procedures. To be awarded a bachelor's or master's degree the student must score at least 66/110 on the final exam. The maximum mark is 110/110, with possible honours.

Students may sit the final exam on set dates usually distributed in three sessions each year:

  • first session: from May to July
  • second session: from September to December
  • third session: from February to April

Check the Procedures and deadlines for your degree programme to know the dates of each session and the mandatory steps to sit the final exam. 

Students who graduate by the third session of the academic year need not pay the first instalment for the following academic year. 

Those who postpone their final exam to after this deadline must enrol in the following academic year. They must therefore pay both the first and second instalments, including the late-payment charge, with no reduction in fees unless they submit an ISEE certificate.

Graduation requirements

To graduate students must:

  • be up-to-date with fee payments up until the last year of enrolment. Those who graduate by the third session of academic year 2017-2018, are not required to pay the first instalment of academic year 2018-2019
  • have passed all exams in the most recent plan of studies approved
  • fulfil the requirements and respect all the procedures and deadlines set out for each  final exam session
  • have agreed with the supervisor on the title of the thesis before applying for graduation.

When you submit your graduation application, we will ask you to assess your study programme and the services of the university, and to tell us your aspirations

Download the official logos of the University and of your Faculty for the title page of your thesis or final paper

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