On graduation day

The day of the final exam is a momentous occasion marking the culmination of studies that have required a great investment of intellectual and material resources by students and their families, as well as by supervisors, advisors and the entire University.

The University of Milan has created a Graduand Charter - approved by the Academic Senate on 23 June 2015 – containing useful information to ensure that the final exam sessions proceed smoothly.

Besides arriving on time at the venue indicated on the final exam calendar, students must inform the supporting administrative staff of any requirements relating to projections or presentations or the use of illustrative materials during the presentation or to the presence of a personal photographer (not one of the accredited ones). 

During the final exam, students must follow the indications provided by the Chair of the Committee regarding the procedures to follow and the duration of presentations. They should remind family and friends to keep quiet during the session and quickly exit the lecture hall and its entrance area once the presentation has ended to avoid disturbing ongoing teaching activities.

The ensuing celebrations should take place with due respect for the university facilities and all those working at the University.

Students must refrain from excessive behaviour – ritual or celebrative – that may dirty or damage University facilities, such as lighting fireworks, shooting crackers or similar, shouting or vulgar, loud singing, posting unauthorised materials on the walls of the University, serving food and alcoholic drinks and abandoning bottles, glasses or other materials in the University.