Advanced Programmes

Advanced programmes offer professional, scientific and cultural updating through flexible and short-term courses, divided into lectures and other educational activities.

How they work and when they are offered

The specialization courses of the University of Milan are offered from October to July, through Rectoral notices containing all the information needed for access to the programmes.


The enrolment fees may vary from course to course and are specified in the programme notices, as well as how the scholarships are available, the criteria for the assignment, the requirements and any documents that are necessary for enrolment are also indicated.

What is the difference between an advanced training course and a vocational master?

Both are postgraduate training programmes aimed at developing high quality professional skills. They aim to deepen previously acquired knowledge through learning paths or professional activities and, therefore, they are addressed both to those who intend to continue their studies and to those who are already employed and interested in raising their skill levels.

The advanced courses have a limited duration and grant a final attendance certificate.
Vocational masters, which are structurally more complex and of a longer duration, certify a university master's degree after earning at least 60 university credits (in accordance with Ministerial Decree 509/99).

Admission requirements

To register, you must meet the requirements indicated in the notice and pass any admission tests. Enrolment is also permitted to those who are currently enrolled in another degree or post-graduate programme.

Advanced Courses

Course catalogue, deadlines and admission requirements

For any information regarding enrolment, career and final exam, you can contact us using InformaStudenti > Post Laurea > Vocational masters and advanced programmes

How to enrol

Before registering for a course, read the competition announcement carefully, which, in addition to the content, objectives and educational organization of the course of study, establishes:

  • enrolment requirements;
  • limited enrolment, if any, and selection procedures;
  • registration fees; 
  • deadlines and methods for submitting applications for registration and enrolment;
  • contact information for the organizing administrative office.

1. Register with the University of Milan portal
Registration with the portal is not required if you are already registered and have received University of Milan credentials (e.g. if you are graduating or have graduated from the University of Milan for less than a year).

2. Have the following handy:

  • a valid identification document
  • the name of the university or school where you obtained the degree required by the notice
  • the date of the degree

3. Complete the online application form
Log in with your username and password to the enrolment site for advanced courses and complete the form.

4. Check your data and confirm the information: a copy will be sent to your university email address or the email you indicated during registration.

5. Save and keep a copy of the application.


Non-EU students residing abroad are required to submit a pre-enrolment application on the Universitaly website.

Special cases

In the following cases, the application must be sent in with additional documents to the Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Office

  • holders of non-university qualifications issued in Italy, which are legally recognized as equivalent to a required degree, must submit a copy of their qualifications and their high school diploma;
  • holders of a degree issued abroad must submit, for the assessment of their degree and only for the purpose of course enrolment, the original or a certified copy of the following documents:
    • educational qualifications; official translation of the academic qualification, which has been certified according to the legislation in force in the country where it was obtained;
    • a "Dichiarazione di valore in loco”, which is issued by the Italian representative (embassy or consulate) in the country where the degree was awarded. Those who have obtained the qualification in a European Union country can present the Diploma Supplement, in alternative to the translation and the "Dichiarazione di valore in loco”, which is also accepted according to current legislation.

Online Front office: InformaStudenti

The selection results are published online.

Periodically check the ranking list: if your name is on the list you must enrol within 5 days from the publication of the results.

Those who are accepted are required to:

  1. enrol within 5 working days from the publication of the ranking list, otherwise enrolment will not be not valid;

  2. pay the registration fee indicated on the web page for each course, by credit card or by using the MAV form which is generated at the end of the online enrolment procedure.

Time limits and conditions for payment of the enrolment fee also apply when paid by someone other than the interested party, such as institutions, organizations or companies, with the penalty of failed course registration.

The advanced courses are a part of the institutional activity of the university, which means that the enrolment fee is excluded from the application of VAT (ex art. 10, d.p.r. 633/1972). Therefore, it is not possible to issue invoices.

At the time of enrolment, candidates coming from foreign countries are required to submit a copy of their tax code to the Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Office, and non-UE citizens must also show their original Italian residence permit.


Contact us with InformaStudenti.

All information at the page Welcome Desk - InformaStudenti.

How to

Information regarding the course syllabus and calendars is available from the course administrative office, indicated in the official course notice.


Self-certification forms are downloadable from: Unimia – Sifa Services – Administrative services


The request must be submitted via InformaStudenti or to the Postgraduate Office, Student Administrative Offices, via S. Sofia 9/1, in person, or by another person with an identity document and a signed and dated delegation form and a front/back copy of the applicant's identity document.

In alternative, the request can also be sent in with a €16 revenue stamp for each certificate requested.

Withdrawal from an advanced course must be requested by using the special form which, together with the original payment receipt, must be sent to the Postgraduate Office - Student Administrative Offices, via S. Sofia 9/1.

If the course withdrawal is completed before the official course starting date, it will be subject to a reimbursement of any fees paid, less 10% of the enrolment fees and, in any case, not less than 100 euros, which is retained by the University of Milan as reimbursement for general and administrative expenses.


The form, with the original payment receipt attached, should be sent to:

University of Milan
Segreteria Dottorati, master e studenti internazionali - Segreterie Studenti
via Festa del perdono 7
20122 Milano

Quality assurance

The design, planning and provision of master's courses fall within the Quality Assurance System aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the process with a view to continuously improving activities and increasing user satisfaction.

The procedure related to accreditation activities is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.