Certificates and self-certification


Certificates may be submitted to private institutions only, given that public institutions and public service providers may, by law, accept only self-certifications and cannot request or accept certificates.

Certificates requiring a revenue stamp

To have legal value all certificates, except those listed below, must be issued with a revenue stamp.

Certificates not requiring a revenue stamp

The following certificates do not require a revenue stamp:

  • the diploma supplement, in Italian or English; 
  • certificates for study grants;
  • statements of account certifying the sums paid to the University for the purpose of tax declarations or inspections;
  • certificates required by no profit or social utility organizations (ONLUS).
Certificates in English

Certificates attesting to enrolment, enrolment with exams, degree, degree with exams may also be requested in English; in many cases, the Diploma Supplement - issued free of charge - can substitute these certificates.

How to request a certificate

You can request a certificate following these instructions:

1 ) Only for those certificates that are indicated in the request form as “subject to stamp duty”, applicants are required to pay stamp duties of € 16: one for the application form + one for each certificate requested. Payments have to be submitted using the on-line system Payment Service - Contributi per prestazioni d’ufficio - Imposta di bollo. 

For certificate inicated in the request form as  “issued in plain paper”, no stamp duty is required.

2 ) For all types of certificate, submit the application form

  • Throught InformaStudenti attaching the payment receipts of the stamp duties. If the applicant will log in as external user, it will be necessary to attach also a scan of the ID document. The certificate will be sent electronically through InformaStudenti. 
  • At the front office, by booking an appointment using InformaStudenti. In this case, stamp duties in paper form - e.g., purchased at the Tabacconist - can be submitted (one for the application form, and one for each certificate request). It is possible to delegate a third person with signed proxy and photocopy of the identity document of the delegating party.

Access to the online services with the credentials of the University. In case of forgetfulness you can recover them through the dedicated service. Users without University credentials can make a new registration to the portal as an external user.

Self-certifications for students and graduates

The University of Milan issues the following self-certificates to its students and graduates:

  • enrolment/degree and exams;
  • enrolment/degree and years of enrolment;
  • enrolment /degree and fees paid;
  • enrolment /degree and study plan.

You can pay print them out directly at home by accessing your UNIMIA personal page – Sifa online services – Registrar – Self-certifications.

You may otherwise access the InformaStudenti Service to request e-mail delivery (attaching a front and back copy of your identity document).


Submitting a self-certification to the University

Students or graduates of other universities who must deliver a self-certification to our University, can use - if they do not hold a self-certification issued by their university of origin - the Substitutive declaration of certification.