Enrolling in a Postgraduate school in the area of medicine

Medical Postgraduate schools are professional training postgraduate study programmes aimed at training specialists in their chosen professions.

Graduates of postgraduate schools qualify as specialists in their chosen field.

Admission requirements

Admission to a medical postgraduate school is subject to possession of:

  • a first cycle degree in Medicine and Surgery
  • a qualification conferring the right to practise as a medical doctor

Other requirements are specified in the call for applications.


Full-time attendance on medical postgraduate school programmes is compulsory.

Postgraduate schools

Find out which medical postgraduate schools are currently running at the University of Milan.

Office hours
Tuesday and Thursday  1pm - 3pm

Online or by appointment

Admission to medical postgraduate schools is through a competitive examination, and is based on the number of places established by Ministerial decree.

The call for applications is published every year by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), which also has overall responsibility for admission exams and for ranking lists at a national level. MIUR also advises competition winners of the deadlines for enrolling at their chosen universities.

In order to submit your admission application:

  1. Consult the call for applications published by MIUR on Universitaly.
  2. Prepare the documents specified in the call for applications.
  3. Access the personal area to register with Universitaly and submit your enrolment application indicating your preferred university.
  4. Sit the national admission exam.
  5. Wait for the results and consult the ranking list.
  6. If you have been admitted, you can enrol on the University portal within the deadlines which MIUR will notify you of.  

If you have passed the national admission test and have put down the University of Milan as your chosen university, you can enrol by the specified deadlines. 
In order to submit the enrolment application online

  1. Register on the University portal
    This step is not necessary if you are already registered on the portal and are in possession of valid University login details (e.g. if you graduated from the University of Milan).
  2. Scan your passport photo and identity document (front and back). These documents must only be sent in the following formats: JPG, PNG, BMP (maximum file size 2 Mb).
  3. Access the medical specialisation student enrolment service and enter all the required details.
  4. Pay the first instalment immediately with a credit card, or with the MAV form issued at the end of the procedure, by the stated deadline.  If the MAV form is used, the University will send you an email confirming receipt of payment within 5 calendar days of the payment being made.
    Failure to make payment by the deadlines indicated will result in the automatic rejection of the enrolment application. 
    Please note: If you choose to pay by MAV using home banking you will need to do so within the times specified by your bank for carrying out online transactions. Payments initiated on the deadline day but which fall outside of the permitted times, are not valid for completing the enrolment process as they will be processed the day after the deadline.
Students enrolled through agreements with Multimedica or the Region of Lombardy

Students who enrolled through agreements with Multimedica or the Region of Lombardy shall submit the specific self-certification to the School's academic services after matriculation.