Checks on self-certifications

The University of Milan enables other Public Administrations and public service providers to access data on students and graduates for the purpose of checking self-certifications in two different ways:

  • access under an agreement, whereby users can access online the academic records of students and graduates;
  • checks in the absence of an agreement, whereby data is provided directly by the University.

The procedure for submitting a request varies in accordance with the selected option.

Agreement for accessing data on students and graduates

To stipulate and agreement interested parties must:

  • complete and digitally sign the agreement
  • each individual who is to access the data must complete and hand sign the accreditation request form (5 users at most), attaching a valid identity document and a copy of his/her Italian fiscal code (codice fiscale)
  • send all the documentation from the certified email (PEC) address of the requesting institution to the University's  PEC address

At the end of the preliminary procedures, the competent offices of the University of Milan will return the countersigned agreement to the requesting institution and will enable the authorized individuals to access the data through the service dedicated to public administrations and in accordance with the conditions set forth in the agreement.

For Universities and Professional Bodies, checks on self-certifications are only possible by stipulating an agreement. For other Institutions, the requests to stipulate an agreement will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Checks in the absence of agreements

In the absence of an agreement with the University, those who wish to check self-certifications must indicate:

  • the personal details of the student/graduate who submitted the self-certification 
  • the academic qualification
  • the data requiring verification.

Should the person requesting the check be a private entity (natural or legal person), the request must be accompanied by the written authorization of the subject/s who have issued the self-certification or self-drafted affidavit, along with a front and back photocopy of his/her valid identity document.

How to request a check

Requests must be sent from a certified email (PEC) address to

The competent office will reply to the same certified email address within 30 days of receiving the request.