Checks on self-certifications

The University of Milan enables other Public Administrations and public service providers to access data on students and graduates for the purpose of checking self-certifications in two different ways:

  • access under an agreement, whereby users can access online the academic records of students and graduates;
  • checks in the absence of an agreement, whereby data is provided directly by the University.

The procedure for submitting a request varies in accordance with the selected option.

Agreement for accessing data on students and graduates

The University will make available to Public Administrations and Public Service Managers, for the performance of their institutional duties, direct and free access to online career data for its students and graduates.

The access agreement is being finalized.

Affiliated entities may continue to carry out checks through the dedicated service.

Non-affiliated entities wishing to obtain confirmation of qualifications and/or data must submit a request following the procedures in place.

Checks in the absence of agreements

In the absence of an agreement with the University, those who wish to check self-certifications must present a request through the online Studies verification form.