Cinema at La Statale

Launched on 12 October 2012, La Statale Cinema is now a can’t-miss event in Milan. With five evenings to watch, or re-watch, films reflecting different viewpoints, delving into themes that have become indelible in our collective imagination and unconsciousness.

In the historic Aula Magna at Festa del Perdono, equipped with every technological amenity needed to ensure the best possible viewing experience, a series of images both potent and poignant. Moving or alienating stories that break down, before fusing back together, our present and our past.

The screenings have long been an opportunity for dialogue amongst a diverse, passionate audience (the turnout is always terrific) and authors, directors, scholars, journalists, and experts. At evening’s-end, there is a talkback with the works’ creators.

Cinema at La Statale has connections to the founding of the Ermanno Olmi Prize, an accolade created by the University of Milan and dedicated to the cinematic master. Every year, the best thesis on Italian cinema across the universities of the Region of Lombardy is honoured with the award. 

Glue and pretext, star and setting, the cinematic language in all its complexity becomes (within the context of an original programme at La Statale) an opportunity for exchange and sharing between “town and gown”. 

2019 Edition

Read the article from the University magazine dedicated to the most recent edition of La Statale Cinema, which took place May 6 to 27.