Public engagement

The term “public engagement” describes a panoply of programmes aimed at sharing academic training and research even with those who have no work- or study-related ties to the university. For this reason, these efforts are a way of engaging the public. This is a crucial element for establishing and strengthening an open dialogue and a solid working relationship between “town and gown”.

To engage the public means to take ownership of a dialogue between the university and the region. It means something more than spreading information: it is a process that spurs interaction and active listening. The goal is to generate benefits ranging from the development of new competences to the birth of new ideas, from improving research objectives to promoting joint projects.  


The University of Milan is a member of APENet, the Italian Network of Universities and Research Institutions for Public Engagement. 

Five evenings of screenings and debate (free and open to the public) on the leading and most controversial issues of our time.

The University of Milan has for many years helped produce two of Milan's most anticipated events: BookCity Milano and MeetMeTonight.

The most important programmes bearing witness to the University’s pledge to tackle the most urgent and controversial topics on law and justice in a public forum.

Making music at La Statale: orchestra, chorus, ensemble, concerts.

Intended mainly for high-school students, the events proposed by the University focus on fundamental themes of innovation research.