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Lifelong learning

Our University is committed to Quality Assurance in Teaching, Research and the Third Mission, as well as in service organization.

In the next few days online training will be available on the University Quality Assurance System. The training was promoted by the Quality Assurance Board, and delivered with the support of the Teaching and Learning Innovation and Multimedia Technology Centre (CTU), in order to illustrate QA goals, players, requirements, and indicators.


The Quality Assurance Board has been proactively raising awareness and training the academic community on QA processes, also through specific actions for different stakeholders.

Proposed activities include mandatory distance training for technical, administrative and library staff. With the cooperation of the CTU and the Technical, Administrative and Library Staff Legal Management and Staff Policy Branch, and with the support of the General Management Office, we have recorded some training modules on the AVA accreditation process.

Access training

As Quality Assurance policies and procedures are student-centred, the Quality Assurance Board includes a student representative.

Moreover, all our students are offered 4 training modules as follows:

  • Quality Assurance, ESG and ENQA
  • Self-Assessment, Evaluation, Accreditation and Requirements
  • The key players in Quality Assurance
  • Continuous monitoring tools

Access training

13 February 2020

Meetings with Heads of Departments

6 february 2020

PQA  meeting with QA network  Departments


25 January 2020

Quality Assurance in the Medical Area: Training Day


4 December 2019

Training meeting on R4 requirement

3 December 2019

The AVA process – Self-assessment, periodic evaluation, accreditation

11 November 2019

Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees (CPDS) and Quality Assurance

16 October 2019

Guidelines for syllabus compilation and revision

September - October 2019

QA Board - QA network meetings

19 June 2019

Meeting for the University managers and division / office heads on the AVA periodic accreditation system

13 June 2019

“University Governance: Quality Policies and Responsibilities”

6 March 2019

The 2019 cyclical review process at the University of Milan”

3 May 2018

“The challenge of accreditation and evaluation processes: Open problems on AVA requirements and CEV visits”

November 2017

“Meetings for the Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee report”

July 2017

First meeting with department QA functions

31 March 2017

Presentation of the new Quality Assurance Board