Cultivation of plants for beer, liqueurs and spirits production

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The main objective of this course is to provide a proper level of knowledge in the cultivation of plants to be used as raw materials to produce beer, and spirits (including liqueurs). The course will provide useful tools for the management of crops and essences used in the production process of beer, liqueurs and spirits. In particular, the most appropriate agronomic techniques to be applied according to the eco-physiological responses of the crops will be illustrated.
Expected learning outcomes
The students who have attended the course will be able to manage the cultivation of the crops of interest in a sustainable way, obtaining the maximum yield and quality from the productions, with the lowest possible impact on the agro-ecosystem.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
Teaching methods
If the emergency phase will not allow face-to-face teaching, the lessons will be held synchronously on the MS Teams platform and will follow the same times assigned to teaching.

Program and reference material
The teaching material (slides displayed during the lectures) will be available on the ariel platform dedicated to teaching. The program and teaching material will not be subject to changes.

Exams procedures and assessment criteria
The written exam will consist of about 21 questions (of which 3-4 are open), will take place face to face, and will last about 1 hour. If the emergency situation will not allow in-person activities, the exam will be carried out online through the platforms that will be made available by the University and appropriate instructions will be provided by the teacher (the content of the exam will remain unchanged).
The evaluation criteria remain unchanged.
Course syllabus
Introduction: presentation of the course and illustration of the main objectives;
- Optimization of cultivation practices in order to maximize the yield and quality of crops used to produce beer, liqueurs and spirits;
- The secondary metabolism of plants and its importance in relation to the production of alcoholic beverages;
- The sector of aromatic plants and their use in the production of alcoholic beverages;
- The most interesting aromatic species;
- Hop;
- The cereals used in the production of beer.

For each of the considered species, the botanical characteristics, the nutritional and pedoclimatic needs, the cultivation techniques, the post-harvest management and the main quality indexes will be illustrated.
Prerequisites for admission
Agronomy (basic knowledge).
Teaching methods
Teaching Resources
Teaching material provided by the teacher (slides and scientific papers).
Assessment methods and Criteria
Written test. Multiple choice and open questions. Evaluation in thirtieths. The assessment will consider the level of understanding, correctness in the presentation, appropriateness in the use of technical-scientific language and the ability to synthesize.
AGR/04 - VEGETABLE AND ORNAMENTAL CROPS - University credits: 4
Lessons: 32 hours
Professor: Cocetta Giacomo