Feeding and welfare of Pig Specie, in practice

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Provide students with a technical and scientific background in order to approach the relationship between pig welfare and nutrition and management. Particular attention will be paid to the pig welfare assessment according to the "Welfare Quality" protocol and to the evaluation of some biological indicators of stress.
Expected learning outcomes
At the end of the course, student will be able to recognize the critical situations related to the welfare of pigs and provide theoretical / practical indications for overcoming them.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
The lectures and practical acitivities will be delivered through the Microsoft Teams platform and can be followed according to the scheduled time. For some topics lessons may be asynchronous (power point with audio comments).
All information relating to the delivery method will be published in time in the Notice Board section of the
Ariel teaching page, together with any notices relating to any update related to the evolution of the regulation imposed by Covid-19.
Program and reference material
The program and the material of the lectures will not change. All educational support material will always be made available through the Ariel platform.
If the situation allows it, the exam will take place in written form according to the procedures described in the section "Exam procedures". Alternatively, the exam
will be held orally using the Teams platform or similar. In this case, the oral examination will follow the same requests as the written procedure.
Course syllabus
Feeding at farm
Nutritional strategies for pig welfare improving
Methods of stress evaluation
Welfare assessment and Pig Welfare quality protocol
Legislation and issues related to welfare in pigs ; special focus on castration and tail docking
Practical activities
Lab analyses
Visits to pig farms
Reports draft
Computer formulation
Prerequisites for admission
Basic knowledge of nutrition
Teaching methods
Frontal lectures in classroom and practical activities in the laboratory and in the computer room. Technical visits to pig farms
Teaching Resources
The material will be made available by the teacher during the course and made available on the Ariel platform
Assessment methods and Criteria
Verification of learning will consist in the presentation and discussion of a topic carried out in class and in a written test to verify knowledge of the theory.
The written test includes 5 questions
Criteria for assessing the acquisition of knowledge / skills:
Exposure skills and specific terminology
Adequacy of the answers in the written test.
AGR/18 - ANIMAL NUTRITION AND FEEDING - University credits: 3
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 16 hours
Professor: Pastorelli Grazia