Interdisciplinary clinic course

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
BIO/14 MED/09 MED/10 MED/11 MED/18 MED/25 MED/35 MED/38 MED/39 MED/45
Learning objectives
The aims of the course are:
- to describe diseases and traumatic injuries more frequently as a cause of disability of the internal apparatus and which are the subject of medical treatment;
- to define the main clinical characteristics for these diseases;
- to correlate these diseases with the consequent disability;
- to know the sites and methods of drug interaction with the body, the principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, undesirable effects and drug interactions;
- to describe what is a pharmacological treatment and what are the main classes of drugs and the possible effects that some of these may have on rehabilitation treatment;
- to describe what are the main causes of disability in children and learn how to define the main aspects;
- to define the concept of mental disorder and psychiatric therapy in its historical dimension and in the organization of psychiatric services;
- to identify the tools to understand the typical aspects of psychopathological manifestations;
- to address their relationship with the psychiatric patient in order to obtain his collaboration in the rehabilitation program.
- to give the definition of child neuropsychiatric pathology and describe the most frequent affections in this area;
- to identify the rehabilitation needs of young patients and adopt the most suitable behaviors to obtain them;
- to detect the main vital parameters;
- to identify emergency clinical situations in humans;
- to adopt the elementary first aid measures.
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Cardiovascular diseases
MED/11 - CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Professor: Carugo Stefano
Child neuropsychiatry
MED/39 - CHILD NEUROPSYCHIATRY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Professor: Vignoli Aglaia
Dermatological and venerological diseases
Lessons: 10 hours
General and subspecialty paediatrics
MED/38 - PAEDIATRICS - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Professor: Verduci Elvira
General surgery
MED/18 - GENERAL SURGERY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Professor: Veronesi Paolo
Internal medicine
MED/09 - INTERNAL MEDICINE - University credits: 2
Practicals: 8 hours
Lessons: 15 hours
Nursing sciences: general, clinical and paediatric
MED/45 - NURSING - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
BIO/14 - PHARMACOLOGY - University credits: 2
Lessons: 20 hours
Professor: Di Giulio Anna Maria
MED/25 - PSYCHIATRY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Respiratory diseases
MED/10 - RESPIRATORY DISEASES - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Sezione: San Paolo
Professor: Santus Pierachille
Sezioni: San Carlo-Don Gnocchi
Professor: Di Marco Fabiano