Medicine - Elective Activities

In order to be admitted to the final exam, students enrolled in Bachelor's, Master's, and single-cycle Master's Degree programmes in the medical area must have obtained the number of credits indicated for elective activities in the programme's Student Information Booklet.

Type of elective activities

  1. Seminars (for all types of programmes);
  2. Internships (only for single-cycle Master's Degree programmes in Medicine and Surgery, and for Bachelor's Degree programmes in Medical Biotechnology and Master's Degree programmes Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine);
  3. participation in conferences and congresses (for all types of programmes).
  4. "Summer Internships" (for all types of programmes), see art. 8 of "Elective Activities" regulations.

The credits for type 1 and 2 elective activities are obtained by attending the activity and passing an evaluation test. Once the number of credits required for the Degree programme enrolled has been reached, it is no longer possible to attend further elective activities. The cancellation of elective activities for which the corresponding credits have already been obtained is not permitted.

The credits for elective courses can also be obtained under the Erasmus programme (see art. 9 of "Elective Activities" regulations).

Delegate of the Rector for the Elective activities