4EU+ Research and innovation

In July 2020, the 4EU+ Alliance won an important grant for TRAIN4EU+, as part of the Horizon 2020 – Science with and for Society programme, with the project "TRAIN4EU+" (Transforming ReseArch & INnovation agendas and support in 4EU+). The project will develop shared, integrated and long-term strategies in the fields of research and innovation at the six partner universities. The project officially started in January 2021.

The objective of the grant is to contribute to research and innovation dimensions of  the 17 "European Universities" through the design and implementation of "transformation modules". Rather than direct funding for research activities, this is a process of institutional change based on shared good practices and joint action plans for research and innovation support services: strengthening and integrating Grant Offices and infrastructures, Open Science practices and HR, building a culture of equal opportunities, starting co-creation processes with non-academic sectors, digitization.

In line with the long-term strategy of the 4EU+ Alliance, the TRAIN4EU+ project has strong synergies with the development of innovative training courses and new approaches to teaching, especially through a shared focus on the four thematic flagships of 4EU+. The project will pave the way for future joint funding applications.  


The opportunities offered by the 4EU+ Alliance include “Mini-grants” that are directly funded by some partner universities (Warsaw and Charles University of Prague). Mini-grants may also be used to fund joint research projects. They are intended to strengthen the cooperation between the funding University and the other partners of the 4EU+ Alliance.