The University of Milan participates in 4EU+

The University of Milan is part of the 4EU+ Alliance, together with five other European, multidisciplinary and strongly research-oriented universities: the Charles University in Prague, the Sorbonne University in Paris and the Universities of Heidelberg, Copenhagen and Warsaw.

Officially formed in January 2019, with the six universities signing a Memorandum of Understanding and approving a common Declaration of Intent, 4EU+ aims to create an advanced cooperation framework for teaching, research and administration, by building an infrastructure that can connect students, researchers and staff members. Academic freedom and equal access to university education are among the core values of the network, alongside the education of new generations of European citizens.

On 28 February 2019, in full compliance with its mission, the Alliance presented its Erasmus+ "European Universities" proposal. This is a key step towards a European university system involving almost 300 thousand students and over 26 thousand teachers and researchers. Launched within the broader Erasmus+ 2019 funding programme, the pilot call will support the creation of European university networks, and is a milestone towards the European Education Area to be built by 2025.

The proposal, centred on quality and innovation in teaching and learning, includes a focus on 4 Flagship Programmes:

  • Health and demographic change in an urban environment
  • Europe in a changing world: studying and involving social, economic, cultural and language dynamics
  • Transforming science and society by advancing information, computation and communication
  • Biodiversity and sustainability