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Created in January 2019, “4EU+ European University Alliance” is now formally an association. It brings together eight public multidisciplinary universities of excellence, with a strong commitment to research, across a vast geographical area spanning from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea – University of Milan, Charles University of Prague, Heidelberg University, Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, Sorbonne University of Paris, University of Copenhagen, University of Geneva, and University of Warsaw.

With an academic community comprising approximately 355,000 students and PhD students, and over 53,000 teaching, research, technical, and administrative staff, the 4EU+ Alliance will develop a new model of advanced cooperation in training, research, and Third-Mission activities, drawing on its core shared values: academic freedom, student-centricity, inclusion, research excellence, interdisciplinary approach.
In building an integrated university system, based on quality and innovation, the Alliance will leverage its four flagship topics: Urban health and demographic change; Europeanness: multilingualism, pluralities, citizenship; Digitisation, modelling, transformation; Environmental transitions.

The 4EU+ Alliance cooperates with its associate partners, government institutions and NGOs, whether local, national or European, both in its activities and with a view to a collective Higher Education Transformation Agenda, a recent initiative launched by the European Commission to expedite the integration process of European advanced education systems.

Post-graduate and International Relations Sector

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Mobility and 4EU+ programmes of study

4EU+ used a "step-by-step approach" to creating new training courses by focusing on courses that could be more easily integrated.

4EU+ Research and innovation

The project will develop shared, integrated and long-term strategies in the fields of research and innovation at the six partner universities.

4EU+ Governance and legal entity

A sound governance system, which is rooted in the strong identity of its six members, aims at fostering cooperation across all decision-making levels.