Governance and legal entity - 4EU+

The 4EU+ Alliance has a sound governance system, which is rooted in the strong identity of its six members and aims at fostering cooperation across all decision-making levels at each partner university.

Starting from April 2021, the governance scheme has been significantly strengthened with a new legal entity  - 4EU+ European University Alliance e.V., an association based in Heidelberg, which is home to the 4EU+ General Secretariat.

The Governing Board, with executive and advisory powers, is composed of the Rectors of partner universities and is assisted by the Management Committee. The latter consists of six Deputy-Rectors appointed by the individual universities, and has executive powers for the implementation of projects within each partner university.

The governance structure of the 4EU+ Alliance further includes the Academic Council, with a total of 30 members of which 6 members per University appointed by each Academic Senate (3 faculty members, 1 technical, administrative or library employee, 1 student, 1 PhD candidate), and the Advisory Board, consisting of representatives of the associate partners, which provides advisory guidance for the other governance bodies).

The students have formed the Student Committee, which is made up of 3 members from each university, both students and PhD candidates, and led by a Student Executive Committee (SEC) with one member per university.  

A working group of faculty members who coordinate the Alliance's flagship themes has been set up to support the planning phase, and oversee the implementation, of educational projects shared by the six partner universities.

Several Working Groups have been tasked with promoting and sharing best practices and activities, thus increasing synergies between the six members of the Alliance.

Governance and Core Team of the University of Milan

The University of Milan has its delegates in all the decision-making bodies of the Alliance.

A core team is in charge of the Erasmus+ project, with a cyclical rotation of activities among individual members.

Furthermore, the members of the 4EU+ technical-administrative core team provide ongoing support to faculty in planning activities, and coordinate administrative procedures for the project liaising with partner universities.

The TRAIN4EU+ project is implemented by a support team, as well as a task force of University delegates for the various work packages of the project.


Governing Board: Elio Franzini, Rector
Management Committee: Antonella Baldi, Deputy Rector for Internationalization
4EU+ Academic Council: Claudia Moscheni (faculty), Giovanni Onida (faculty), Marco Modenesi (faculty), tbc (technical-administrative staff), Elena Abati (Ph.D. student), Youssef Siher (student).

Flagship 1
Maria Pia Abbracchio, Antonella Delle Fave, Anna Ludovica Fracanzani 

Flagship 2
Marina Brambilla, Maria Elisa D’Amico, Angela Lupone, Emilia Perassi

Flagship 3
Vincenzo Piuri, Giulio Vistoli 

Flagship 4
Marco Caccianiga, Francesco Molinari 

Sabrina Pavan, Dario Evangelista, Angela Maria Prataviera, Edda Cecilia Orlandi, Daniele Mandrioli, Violetta Vacchini

Elena Del Giorgio, Andrea Galeotti