Educational activities, first semester 2020/21 planning

Mixed teaching methods will be implemented for the educational courses reopening for the first semester 2020/21, which every study programme has to plan on the basis of their educational needs and the requirement to comply with health and social distancing rules as well as the obligation to clean and disinfect premises.

The website for each study programme sets out information on how the activities will be recommenced, for both online and onsite lessons; these will be available in the News Section on each home page.

New students will be provided with orientation activities at the start of the new term.

International students may be subject to different access conditions according to the health situation in their home country and the anti-contagion measures in force from time to time.

Online lessons will largely be held with synchronous learning whereas some contributions will be asynchronous. Lessons will apply methods that are designed to encourage the involvement and the participation of all students.

On-campus activities (lectures, in-depth work, exercises) are replicated over several shifts or made available in web conference mode. Moreover, you can always access teaching materials remotely.

To participate in on-campus activities and study in the library, you must book your seat using the schedule portal or lezioniUnimi. Both the portal and the app allow you to select the heading “Book your seat”, log in using your University credentials and reserve your place in class.

All University areas that are open will undergo the daily cleaning required by law and will have dispensers for sanitising hand gel. In order to regulate the overall use of premises, there will be separate entrances and exits and specific rules on how many people may access rooms and communal services as well as procedures to adopt. 

Information available on your programme website

Learn more about the educational activities planningyour on your study programme website.