Teaching activities on campus

Starting from academic year 2022-2023, teaching activities are normally conducted in person.

In order to prevent overcrowding of classroom and libraries, students are required to reserve a place using the Course timetables portal or the lezioniUnimi app, so that streamed lessons can be organized if requests exceed classroom capacity.

Classrooms, laboratories, and libraries are all freely accessible. However, in keeping with the latest guidelines of the Ministry of the Health and the Ministry of Public Administration, the university recommends maintaining a high level of caution and prudence, including the use of personal protective equipment for the respiratory tract (masks), hand disinfection, and ventilation of closed spaces.

Lessons and laboratory activities will be held in person to favour participatory education, interaction between instructors and students, and peer interrelations. In the new academic year, distance education and recorded lessons and seminars are exclusively to be considered supporting materials for in-person teaching and the achievement of learning objectives.

Regular and degree exams will be conducted in person in classrooms that are managed and monitored so as to prevent overcrowding.

All information on educational activities is available on the pages of the individual programmes, which should be consulted regularly.