Teaching activities on campus

The first semester/first and second trimesters of the 2021/22 academic year begin with the resumption of in-person teaching and learning, as scheduled, at 50 percent classroom capacity or higher, in compliance with safety and distancing requirements.

In-person lectures and exams will be accessible only to students holding a Covid-19 certificate (green pass). It should be remembered that the Covid-19 certificate is issued also to unvaccinated individuals with a negative molecular (or rapid antigen) test result in the last 48 hours, or those who have recovered from Covid19.

Seats in classrooms and libraries must be reserved through the LezioniUnimi app or the Timetable Portal and may be allocated on a rota basis to allow everyone to attend educational activities as much as possible. You can access the service using your University credentials, including to view, change or cancel your reservations.

All classes will be streamed to encourage the live participation of students with underlying health concerns or students from abroad, who are subject to travel restrictions due to the epidemiological emergency. You can also reserve a seat in a study room or library to attend live streamed classes.

The use of face masks is mandatory both indoors and outdoors, unless you are alone, to protect your and other people's health.

In compliance with anti-Covid safety measures, students returning to campus will enjoy the video course "Understanding Covid-19 and returning to campus", focussing on the importance of compliance with safety rules in classrooms, laboratories, libraries and all other university spaces. You can access the video with your university credentials. The training also provides information on the nature and evolution of the virus, how it is transmitted, and therapies available. After watching the video, you will be asked to take a satisfaction survey.

Written and oral exams will take place in person, in compliance with safety and distancing rules. Waivers to the in-person exam requirement will be granted only for the following reasons:

  • Covid-19 positive or quarantined students
  • Students with underlying health concerns, as laid down by law
  • Students residing in countries with health restrictions or cross-border travel restrictions.

The waiver request may be sent via email or the LezioniUnimi app, as required by the Academic Board for each study programme and announced on the programme webiste. Students of degree programmes that adopt  the email procedure may request a waiver from the in-person exam requirement by submitting the self-certification form with a copy of their ID.

University students vaccinations - Regione Lombardia

University students, including those from other Italian regions or from abroad, can book a Covid-19 vaccine appointment through the dedicated platform of the Lombardy Region.

To access the service, enter your tax code and health card number on the dedicated page.

If the platform does not allow direct access, you will have to register on the same platform, by clicking on the "Richiedi abilitazione" button, and enter your data. 
Within 24/48 hours from registration, it will be possible to access the platform and book your vaccine appointment.

Those who have only a tax code or other identification code (e.g. students from abroad) can access the service by clicking on "Prenota il vaccino" and follow the instructions provided for their user type.