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Several private boarding schools and public organisations provide accommodation to University students

OstellOlinda is a B&B located in the north-western outskirts of Milan within a large park with parking facilities, near the Affori stop of underground line 3. You will get 10% off standard rates.

Managed by the social cooperative La Fabbrica di Olinda, the hostel is a meeting and cultural venue. It hosts the theatre and music festival "Da vicino nessuno è normale" (up close, nobody is normal), with special accommodation options and discounts to watch shows and events.

Under the solidarity project "Hosting a student", self-sufficient seniors provide accommodation to university students in Milan. A few years ago, the programme was extended to doctoral students, researchers, interns and health personnel (nurses, social and health workers).

Guests do not pay a rent, but offer some help and company, as well as a monthly reimbursement of expenses, and they can enjoy free 24-hour Internet with Fastweb's "Night and Day" plan.

The project is managed by Meglio Milano, the association for improving life in the city of which the University is a founding member. The association receives and screens applications, organizes meetings between property owners and guests and provides assistance during cohabitation.

For information:
Tel. 02 76020589 (Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm and 2.00 - 6.00 pm)

Municipality of Milan

The project provides temporary accommodation in Aler public housing to those residing outside the province of Milan if they:

  • are in temporary employment or training in Milan or its province, and reside at least an hour away from Milan;
  • attend post-graduate courses at universities located in the Municipality of Milan, for the entire legal duration of the courses.
    Accommodation is allocated through regular calls for applications, based on the final ranking. Calls for applications, application forms and rankings are available on the dedicated page of the ALER website.

For information:
ALER - Temporary Lease Office
Viale Romagna 26, 20133 Milan
Toll-Free Number: 800.688.928 (direct free call)
Opening hours (including reception): Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.30 to 3.30 pm.

Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni

The Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni also provides temporary lease to those who need to live in the province of Milan for business, training, or health purposes

For information and application procedures see the website of the Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni.  

The Collegio di Milano accommodates the best Italian and foreign undergraduate/graduate students and researchers.

To become a resident, you must be enrolled in one of the seven Milanese universities, meet the merit and motivation criteria indicated in the call for applications published each year, and pass a selection including psycho-aptitude and English language tests, as well as two individual interviews.

Organised as a campus, the Collegio offers a highly qualified and interdisciplinary training programme and encourages interaction between students, with a view to developing a strong sense of belonging that will empower them throughout their academic and professional life.  

You can also stay at the Collegio for a short period as visiting student or you can just take part in educational and cultural activities as non-resident.

For information and admission

Tel. 02 87397000

Tel. 02 87397149

Camplus College is the network of university residences managed by the CEUR Foundation, legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

It offers students high-level residential services, ensuring the best living, study and leisure conditions. Each facility has private rooms and common areas, including comfortable and fully furnished single and double rooms, dining areas, tutoring and study rooms, a library with newspaper library service, conference rooms equipped with audio-video system, relaxation rooms and fitness areas. Each facility also has a reception service to ensure freedom and safety for guests.

Camplus College is more than just accommodation – it gives you the opportunity to enjoy university life by cultivating your passions and developing your personality through numerous cultural, academic and professional activities.

There is a wide range of initiatives, including cultural events, tutoring, work orientation through meetings with professionals, visits and internships, language courses, workshops and community life activities organized with the students, to name just a few.

Camplus College has three facilities in Milan, in the areas of Città Studi, Turro and Lambrate. Discounted fees based on merit and income.

For information