The University of Milan offers to deserving enrolled students accommodation in halls of residence and apartments (until 31 December 2021) situated close to the university buildings, in order to guarantee them the right to education.

Accommodations are assigned through call for applications published every year around July.

Guestrooms are reserved to students, teachers or researchers who have to stay in Milan even for a single week when engaged in educational and research activities.

Modifica Bando Alloggi e Avviso Foresterie A.A. 2021/2022

Alloggi: gli studenti già beneficiari del posto alloggio per l’a.a 20/21 e le riconferme a.a 21/22 dovranno produrre la certificazione verde COVID-19 entro il 1 settembre 2021, gli studenti nuovi ammessi per l’a.a 21/22 dovranno produrla entro il 4 ottobre 2021;

Foresterie: alla domanda deve essere allegata obbligatoriamente la certificazione verde COVID-19.

Via Santa Sofia 9

10 August 2021

The final ranking list for accommodation under education incentive programmes for academic year 2021/2022 are now available.

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