How to request accommodation

The University of Milan offers to non-resident students around 615 accommodations in University residences and apartments. Having regard to the Covid-19 health emergency, double-occupancy rooms will be assigned for use as single-occupancy rooms until further provisions.

Accommodations are available for 11 months in single or double rooms with services that vary in the different residences.

Accommodation is assigned through partecipation to a Call for application, based on merit and income requisites.

Students winning places in the final ranking list are entitled to accommodation at an annual cost of € 2.750 and can renew their application for accommodation in subsequent years, provided they meet the requirements and are up-to-date with accommodation payments.

If accommodation is still available after the first assignment, it will be offered at an annual cost of € 3.850 to students who meet the merit requirements but not the income requirements of the competition.

Via Santa Sofia 9

Send a message or book an appointment through the online service InformaStudenti

Requirements and competitive announcement

Income and merit requirements are established by the competition announcement. The minimum requirements for applying for accommodation generally are:

The minimum requirements for applying for accommodation are:

  • being enrolled or declaring intention to enrol in a full-time programme at the University of Milan
  • being resident in a municipality more than 90 minutes by public transport from the campus where the programme is held
  • not receiving retribution as a permanent employee, single trader or professional
  • not being entitled to any income deriving from company shareholding above 10%, or having a VAT number.
  • not being in debt (unless already concurred).

The application for accommodation must be submitted by 23 August 2020.

Application and ranking list

The application for the assignment of an accommodation is completed online accessing with your personal credentials to the Benefit service desk  with one's University or registration credentials.
Use the application guide to benefits for further details.

Ranking list, approval and admission

Provisional ranking lists (divided by category: renewals, EU and non-EU students enrolled in the first year of any degree or post-graduate programme at Milan University and students enrolled in later years) will be drawn up after assessment of applicants' entitlement and can be reviewed if any candidate appeals for review of his/her position.

Final ranking lists - divided between renewals and new admissions - are generally published within September.

Accepting and be admitted

Those assigned accommodation must accept or decline by accessing Benefits service desk, using one's University or registration credentials by the deadlines indicated in the announcement. At the same time they have to pay the rent and leaving a deposit of € 200 which is refunded on quitting the accommodation, provided the rent is paid regularly and there is no damage to the premises.

On accepting assigned accommodation, applicants also sign an undertaking to pay the rent and to observe the accommodation rules.

Once applicants receive the formal letter of admission at their University email address, they can present to the director of the University Residence with a valid identity document on the prescribed date, and take up lodgings.

When assigned accommodation in University apartments, students will find in their letter the contact person to get in touch with to go foreword in the assignement.

Accommodation available due to declination by entitled students are reassigned on the basis of the ranking list. The entire assignment procedure is generally concluded within the end of September.