Accepted language certificates

Freshmen enrolled in bachelor’s degree, mater's degree or single-cycle master's degree course at the University of Milan can certify their level of English language proficiency by submitting a language certificate among those accepted by the University at a level which is equal to or higher than that required by the chosen degree programme.

The certificate must have been gotten no more than 3 years prior to its submission (2 years for TOEFL) and it must certify 4 language skills:  Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. 

If you have a language certificate, attach it to your application during the enrolment procedure. If you have already enrolled without attaching it, you can still uploadi it on this platform

Please note that English levels assessed through the INVALSI test, although indicative, are not equivalent to a language certificate. Therefore, students enrolled in the first year of their degree programme are not exempt from taking the Placement Test.

Important notice: pursuant to Rector's Decree of 19th June 2020, the list of accepted certificates has been modified.

The certificates included in the previous list are considered as valid if submitted until 31st July 2021.