Placement Test

Freshmen enrolled in a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or single-cycle Master's degree course, without a valid language certificate, must sit the Placement test.

Please note that students who have passed the English Proficiency section of the TOLC-test ARE NOT exempt from taking the Placement test.

Students must sit the test:

  • between October and December if enrolled in a Bachelor's degree course;
  • between November and December if enrolled in a Healthcare-related Bachelor's degree course;
  • between October and January if enrolled in a Master's degree or a single-cycle Master's degree course;
  • between December and January if enrolled in a Master's degree course or in a single-cycle Master's degree course in the field of Medicine.

Some degree programmes include an English entry test, which follows different rules from those of the Placement test. Other courses do not require a Placement test: to be certain of that, it is always necessary to check the entry requirements of each degree course.

Important notice: tests are to be sat remotely. However, permission to sit the test in person on a different date is granted to students who do not meet the recommended technical requirements as well as to students with disabilities and SLDs provided that they submit a request via the InformaStudenti platform, ‘language test’ category.

How to register

Once enrolled, freshmen who have to sit the Placement test will receive a message at their email address with the relevant information.

Students have to register for the Placement test through their personal account with Unimia, 'Exam Registration' section.

Important notice: students are allowed to register for one session only and, once registered, cannot modify it. Being absent at the test session for which they had registered means that they will not be entitled to sit the test in one of the following sessions unless their absence was due to serious and documented impediments. Should that be the case, students can ask to be registered for another session via InformaStudenti, 'language test' category.

Placement test: What happens next?

The level attained at the test is uploaded on the student career page within 90 days following the test date.

Students who attained the required language level

Students who attained the language level required by their degree course will fulfill their OFA (Additional Learning Requirement) to access the language exam included in their degree programme or will receive the corresponding language assessment credits, according to their study plan. 

Students who did not attain the required level

Students who did not attain the language level required by their degree course by sitting the Placement test must attend an English language course and then pass the end-of-course test.

About the Placement test

About the REMOTE Placement test

Versant English Placement test is a computer-based test, it lasts about 50 minutes and assesses the user's knowledge of English across 81 different exercises.

Official Guide

Student Journey

Technical requirements & FAQ

About the IN-PERSON Placement test

The Oxford English Placement Test is an adaptive computer-based test, it lasts 60 minutes and is made up of two sections: Use of English and Listening. It assesses A0 to C2 levels.


How to test one's own English proficiency level
How to find the Placement test on Unimia
Students with disabilities or SLDs

Students with disabilities or with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) must contact SLAM through the InformaStudenti Service in order to receive special arrangements and support for the test (students with disabilities: 50% more extra time; students with SLDs: 30% more extra time).

Information on personal data processing concerning Versant Placement Test users