Scholarship increase for stays abroad


PhD students who, for reasons connected to the coronavirus emergency, have been prevented from carrying out their research activities abroad or had to return to Italy earlier than expected, may apply for reimbursement by contacting the administrative manager of their own Department.

It is necessary to attach documentation proving:

  • costs incurred;
  • impossibility of receiving partial/full refunds from transport operators.

Phd scholarship recipients that go abroad for study or research purposes can apply for a 50% increase of the scholarship for a period not exceeding 18 months.

How to apply for a scholarship increase

  1. Seek the doctoral course coordinator's authorization
  2. Complete and sign the PhD abroad scholarship increase application form and submit it to the PhD Programme Office in one of the following ways:
    • Online
    • by mail to the following address: Doctoral, Master's and International Students Office, University of Milan, via Festa del perdono 7, 20122 Milan
    • in person,  by appointment, to the Phd Desk at the Student Registar’s, via S. Sofia 9/1


Attendance certificates must be sent to Salary, Benefits and Independent Contractor Division - Training and Research Contracts Office by the 4th day of the month for the scholarship increase to be paid.

Refund of travel, board and lodging expenses

In addition to the PhD abroad scholarship increase, PhD students can claim travel, board and lodging expenses as well as congress registration fees, by contacting the Administration Office of the PhD programme Department.

The refund is only granted if funds are available and in accordance with the provisions of the Travel and Expense Refund Regulations.