Insurance and accidents

What to do in the event of an accident

The procedure for reporting an accident is mandatory for even minor injuries and applies to students, postgraduates, trainees, scholarship and research grant holders operating in hospitals or various institutions other than the university.

For those working in hospitals, permitted activities are teaching, training and research, internships in hospital departments, attending classes and conferences. However, health care activities performed in place of regular healthcare personnel are excluded.

  • Inform the person who is responsible for teaching, research, and internships or his/her delegate, describing the circumstances of the accident. 
  • Avoid self-diagnosis: go to an emergency room within 48 hours from the accident, and declare that this was due to an accident at work in order to obtain a suitable medical certification. All health services provided by hospitals for injuries sustained “on the job” are exempt from hospital fees (tickets).
  • Promptly report the accident to the Workplace Safety and Prevention Office of the University of Milan, using the form available at the link on this page in the documents box.
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Both the accident report and the related medical certificates must be immediately forwarded to the office by email to: Accident insurance procedures involve the use of specific forms and instructions that depend on the situation, and provide for the following:

Accidents that do not involve a prognosis for sick leave (such as punctures, cuts, accidental contact with biological material) must be reported to the Workplace Safety and Prevention Office by forwarding the following form:

  • INF 1- Student accident claim form
  • certification issued by the Emergency Room, including the results report for the first blood chemistry test.

This simple procedure is sufficient to close the accident procedure.

The procedure can be reopened by immediately contacting the Workplace Safety and Prevention Office, only if a pathology is found later from further blood chemistry tests (such as 3 or 6 month blood tests) that have been prescribed by the Emergency Room staff.

Accidents that involve a prognosis for sick leave must be reported by sending the form: INF 1- Student accident claim form to the Workplace Safety and Prevention Office with the certification issued by the Emergency Room staff. During the sick leave it is not possible to carry out any activity unless a specific medical certificate states that it is fully or partially compatible with the injured person’s state of health.

The accident procedure remains open and the injured person must send in all subsequent medical documentation (certificates of further prognosis, reports etc.), until a clinical recovery certificate (with or without after effects) is issued.

If the accident takes place on the way from home to the educational/training/research activity, or vice versa, or during another previously authorized journey (including trips abroad),  the injured person must complete and send to the Workplace Safety and Prevention Office:

  • INF 1- Student accident claim form,
  • INF 2- In-transit injuries claim form

Attention: travel to university premises for lectures does not need to be previously approved.

For accidents that occur during the performance of practical activities required by the degree programme in Exercise and Sports Sciences, students must send the form:  

  • INF 1- Student accident claim form together
  • INF 3- Motor Sciences, to the Workplace Safety and Prevention Office, completed by the teaching staff present at the time of the accident.

Claims settlement

Claims settlement begins when the procedure is closed after submitting a medical certificate stating that the injured person is “clinically healed” or “clinically healed with after effects to be evaluated in a medical-legal setting”.

Within 60 days from the closure of the procedure, the injured person is summoned for a medical-legal check-up. They will have to bring with them the originals of all medical certificates and examination results (including CDs and X-ray images), and the originals of all the supporting documents for medical expenses incurred (i.e.: invoices, receipts, healthcare tickets). Once the medical check-up has been carried out, the insurance company will proceed with the assessment and liquidation of damages.


After one year from the last communication, the accident procedure expires and can no longer be liquidated.

In addition to INAIL coverage, provided by law, the UNIPOLSAI no. 78/156035901 policy, (duration: 1-10-2017 – 30-09-2022) provides further insurance coverage for the following persons:

  1. enrolled students, including those in progress and those behind schedule (“fuori corso”), in all study programmes, educational and training activities offered by the University of Milan during the period of contractual validity, for the pursuit of its institutional purposes;
  2. students enrolled in postgraduate schools within all Faculties, with the exception of doctors in specialized training who carry out training activities in the premises of local health authorities, pursuant to Art. 41 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree no. 368/99;
  3. those who are not yet enrolled, but were admitted based on admission rankings, as per the documentation filed with the administrative offices;
  4. holders of scholarships from the University of Milan or for promising young people;
  5. temporary research fellows;
  6. those enrolled in advanced training courses and Master programmes;
  7. those enrolled in vocational schools (scuole dirette a fini speciali); 
  8. those enrolled in research doctorates;
  9. trainees who are carrying out compulsory postgraduate internships (including for the purpose of passing the State Board Exam required for professional practice);
  10. Type A volunteers, authorized in accordance with the “Regulations for the admission of graduates attending university facilities” (i.e. new graduates in training, experts in the field, retired teaching staff);
  11. trainees (students and postgraduates) engaged in traineeships, internships and adaptation trainings;
  12. students with part time activities pursuant to Art. 13 Law 390/91;
  13. students who collaborate as tutors pursuant to Art. 13 Law 341/90;
  14. candidates for State Board Exams required for professional practice, during the tests (written, oral and practical);
  15. participants in international projects (those with a diploma or a university degree from the University of Milan or from other Italian universities); 
  16. foreign students enrolled in international programmes (i.e. Erasmus);
  17. all those who are not included in the previous points, who are authorized to participate in educational and training activities
  18. non-enrolled individuals who are involved in admission testing at the University of Milan, limited to accidents occurring within the university premises and exclusively for cases of death and permanent disability;
  19. occasional service providers, pursuant to Article 7 paragraph 6 of Legislative Decree 165/2001.

Insurance coverage is not extended to students from other Italian or foreign universities, as they must be covered by their respective universities of origin.