Rights, Health and Well-being

The University of Milan contributes to improving the living and working conditions of its students and staff through:

  • specific welfare measures and targeted people care policies;
  • appropriate activities to protect personal rights and dignity.

These measures are aimed at ensuring:

  • psychophysical well-being at the individual, family and social level;
  • the enhancement of training;
  • the promotion of quality and work-life balance;
  • the protection of health and safety;
  • individual support for students with study-related difficulties.

More information regarding personnel services is available in the portal:  laStatale@work, dedicated to those who work for or collaborate with the University of Milan.

Services for students

Explore the University's safety, insurance and off-site healthcare services

You can report any administrative and educational problems, a lack of service or organization, inconsistencies in evaluation criteria or difficulties in relations with individual teachers to the Ombudsman

Women who are students in doctoral courses or postgraduate medical schools have a right to maternity protection and welfare services for their children