Password management for students and graduates

Recover or change your password

The password change service is available to all users with, and credentials. It allows you to change your password and manage your password recovery settings:

You are advised to periodically modify your password following the instructions on the Password management service.

Password recovery ( accounts)

To recover your password, you can use these services:

If you are unable to read your mail or to use the security questions, and you have provided your mobile number during registration, you can use the Emergency password reset  page to obtain an unlock code via SMS.

If you have not provided your mobile number, contact the Student Registrar to register it. You can access the Informastudenti service using the external account you registered for enrolment, or you can register a new account.

If you are using your SPID identity, we do not know your password. Please contact your SPID provider or visit

First matriculation

Please note that your credentials will be active from 48 hours after matriculation.

The credentials remain valid for any subsequent matriculations on other University programmes (e.g. when transitioning from bachelor's degree to master's degree programmes).