MAECI Internships

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) - Directorate General for the promotion of the country system (DGSP)

The programme provides the opportunity to apply for an internship in one of the areas of competence of the DGSP.

The internships will be divided into 3-month cycles starting from the month indicated by the host offices; the start date will be agreed with the host office manager.

Please find below the list of offices:

  • Office I - Internationalization of the economic system
  • Office III - Foreign investments in Italy and financial instruments for internationalization
  • Office V - Italian education system across the world
  • Office VII - Promotion of Italian language and publishing, internationalization of universities, scholarships
  • Office VIII - Cultural promotion and Italian institutes of culture
  • Office IX - Bilateral policies and activities for the internationalization of scientific and technological research and innovation

After the internship, the University of Milan will pay interns a lump sum of € 1,500, as a reimbursement of expenses. This reimbursement will be paid subject to the completion of the 3-month internship and the recognition of no less than 6 CFU credits in the intern's study plan.

Essential Requirements

  • Italian citizenship (the Ministry does not admit candidates with dual citizenship)
  • Being regularly enrolled in one of the Master's degree programmes of the Faculties of Humanities, of Political, Economical and Social Sciences, or the School of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication
  • maintaining student status during the entire internship period
  • an average exam score not lower than 27/30
  • good computer skills, with particular reference to the Office suite
  • a minimum certified B2 level in English within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Preferential Criteria

  • a minimum B2 level in a second language (namely German, French or Spanish)

To apply, select the internship opportunity in the COSP notice board:

Please specify up to 3 offices of interest, in order of preference. Applications with no essential requirements or mention of the offices of interest shall not be considered for selection.

The applications received will be first screened by the COSP, which will publish the list of suitable applications and send it to the Ministry for further selection. The winners will be notified directly by the Ministry and the COSP.

The internship shall be activated by the COSP before departure.